U.S. History and Humanities


Greetings, parents and students. My name is Mr. Grady Suggs and I’m excited to be a teacher at Griffin Middle School. For the rest of this school year, we will be examining the history of the United States from colonization through reconstruction. Various texts, primary sources, situational learning lessons, class discussions and multimedia materials will be used to help students explore key historic events and concepts.

Required materials

I expect students to come to class prepared and ready to work each day. To do so, students will need to bring the following materials to class with them each day:

          • fully charged iPad with earbuds
          • notebook paper
          • pencils
          • blue or black pens

Contact information

Communication between home and school is a key factor in the success of students. For this reason, I try to be as accessible as possible. Email is the most convenient way to make contact with me. My email address is suggsk@lisd.net. Phone communication throughout the day at school is difficult, but you are welcome to leave a message at any time. I will return your call when possible. My phone number at Griffin Middle School is (972) 219-6261.

Grading policy

          • Major grades = 45% of the nine weeks grade
                  • tests
                  • major essays
                  • projects
          • Minor grades = 30% of the nine weeks grade
                  • announced and unannounced quizzes
                  • major assigned class work
          • Daily grades = 25% of the nine weeks grade
                  • homework
                  • minor class work

A cumulative average of 70% or higher is considered passing, both for nine weeks and semester grading periods. For students who score below a 70% on major tests, the teacher will offer to reteach and reassess. Students must attend tutoring prior to retaking any major test for this reteaching to occur. Reteaching times will be scheduled by the teacher, and the student will be notified in advance of the reteaching day. After reteaching a reassessment will be scheduled. It is my goal to have every student be successful in my class.

Absences and make up work

Work missed due to absences is to be completed within two school days of the student's return to school. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all makeup work is obtained , completed and turned in within the required period of time. This includes arranging for making up missed tests and quizzes before or after school. Students who are absent on the day of a scheduled test or quiz should plan on taking the test or quiz the day they return to school. Absences do extend due dates for work or projects assigned prior to the absence.


Students who have an average grade of 75% or below are required to attend morning tutoring. Regularly scheduled tutoring hours are 8:15 - 8:45 on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays in Room 1211. I am also available after school from 4:15 - 4:45 each day, with the exception of scheduled faculty meetings.

Report cards and progress reports

Report cards are sent home every nine weeks. Progress reports are also sent home after the third and sixth week of each grading period. If you do not receive a progress report or report card from your child, ask to see it. Students are required to have both progress reports and report cards signed by parent or legal guardian. I also highly encourage parents and students alike to make use of the district's online gradebook: Skyward. Parents are able to see their child's grades for each class and identify areas of concern, without waiting for progress reports or report cards. Information about grade book access can be found on the LISD website.

Thank you

I am excited to have your child in class this year and look forward to a great year of inquiry and discovery with your students. Please contact me at any point should you have any questions or concerns.

Mr. Grady Suggs


(972) 219-6261