Production Packages

LISD AV Productions

We are the AV Production Programs from Dale Jackson Career Center and Career Center East! Our programs and students are available for hire for district projects and live event productions.

We use these productions as training opportunities for our students as well as fundraisers to raise money for our programs. We strive to create a professional, real-world environment for the students and strive to always put out the best product possible.

We offer three different packages, depending on the size of your project and how big a production you’re looking for:

Our Event Recording package is for those with simple projects and production needs, whether it’s recording an event or producing a highlight video or promo. The package consists of a student on-site with a camcorder and tripod and will record video and audio directly into the camera. Editing/post-production will vary, depending on the type of project.

Our Prosumer Production Kit is for those who want a multi-cam recording or streaming of an event. It consists of a professional switching system that allows live switching between multiple cameras. Audio and video is recorded live into an external hard drive connected to the switcher. We also offer live-streaming of the event, as long as it does not conflict with copyright or Texas broadcast standards and we have a secure internet connection. This is a great solution for those that want a professional looking, multi-angle video without a lot of the extra live production equipment

Our largest package, the Professional Production Kit, is for those who want the complete professional package. We offer our portable control room from our studio and bring it to your event. Some of the more noticeable advantages with this system are:

  • Better quality images from higher quality cameras
  • Multiple Audio/Video Outputs sending AV signals to external monitors or speakers in-house
  • Graphics can be added in real-time over the video instead of adding in post-production
  • Pre-recorded videos played during the event

Need something not listed? Fill out a Custom Order Request and let us know what you need. We will help you the best we can!

We can work within your budget and donations are graciously accepted!

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