In our SMART Studios,

We aspire to follow a Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely learning design in accordance with Cambridge.


Our approach encourages learners to follow an individualized learning path through personalized SMART goals and a project-based curriculum.



  • Deep Socratic discussions sharpen critical thinking

  • A self-paced, learner driven community allows learners to make choices about their learning goals

  • Learners progress with as much time needed to master their skills

  • 的蘇格拉底式討論使批判性思維更加敏銳.

  • 一個自主性的、由學員驅動的團體允許學員對他們的學習目標進行選擇.

  • 學員能夠掌控自己的時間,並持之以恆的精進.



  • Projects are designed to focus on 21st century skills

  • We value the fact that learners have a range of multiple intelligences and hope to foster these unique abilities through our project design.

  • 項目旨在專注於 21 世紀的技能.

  • 我們重視學習者擁有一系列多元智能這一事實,並希望通過我們的項目設計來培養這些獨特的能力。



  • Warm-hearted and tough-minded character traits are developed

  • Relational contracts and real-world consequences transform difficult decisions into virtuous habits

  • 尋找改變世界的使命的同時,也培養了熱心和堅韌的性格特徵

  • 關係契約和現實世界的影響將困難的決定轉化為良性的習慣。

What makes us different?


  • Our mindful use of educational technology creates a self-paced, gamified learning environment that fosters responsibility, goal-setting, and teamwork.

  • 為了培養學生的責任心、目標設定和團隊合作精神,教師們應用科技打造了一個自定進度、遊戲化的學習環境。

  • We believe the learning experience is much richer when the teacher (“guide”) offers insightful questions and facilitates hands-on learning. Guides foster a growth mindset, never shames learners, and uses the Socratic method, always responding to students’ questions with new questions or a choice. This exchange hones critical thinking skills.

  • 我們相信,當教師("引導者")提供啟發性的問題並促進動手實踐時,學生的學習體驗會更加豐富。在教學過程中,引導的老師會培養學生的成長心態,從不羞辱學員,並採用蘇格拉底式教學法,總是以新的問題或選擇來回應學生的問題。這種交流可以訓練學生的批判性思維能力。

  • We are “learner-driven.” This means young people take ownership of their education and peer relationships.

  • “以學員為主”的學習模式是我們的理念 。青少年必須對自己的教育和同齡人關係負責

  • We encourage our learners to develop personal virtues, such as honesty, hard work, responsibility, kindness, and empathy.

  • 我們鼓勵學員培養個人美德,如誠實、勤奮、負責、善良和同情心。