Room 202

Jennifer Welcher

(902)864-6700 ex. 7851202

Sackville High School - Room 202

Sociology 12, Global Geography 12 & Social Studies Department Head

On this website you will find classnotes and handouts. Assessments and classwork are in Google Classroom.

Miss a Day? Have You...?

- Checked the website

- Checked the google classroom

- Checked PowerSchool for attendance and grades

marking rubric 2014.doc

You will get a mark for your classes based on how well you show you can deal with the outcomes for the courses. Outcomes are what the province says you need to know and do by the end of the course. Each assessment will be marked based on the number of outcomes in the course and each outcome is based on a mark of 1-4.

So if there are 2 outcomes on an assessment it will be marked out of 8, if there are 3 outcomes it will be marked out of 12.

I am including the rubric you will need to know for your classes. If you have any questions - please ask!