Pre-Primary Program 2017-2018


The Tri-County Regional School Board currently has six (6) Pre-Primary Program Sites for the 2017-18 school year.

  1. Carleton
  2. Hillcrest
  3. Port Maitland
  4. Weymouth
  5. Drumlin
  6. Yarmouth Central (Early Years Centre)


The Pre-Primary Program is voluntary. It is open to all children who are at least four years of age by December 31. Children can only attend the Pre-Primary program for one year.


Click here to complete the Pre-Primary Early Registration Form

Contact: Jaime Spates, Supervisor of Pre-Primary Programs,, 902-740-1841

Hours and Days of Operation:

In most schools the Pre-Primary Program will be offered during standard school hours. However there may be different start and end of day times in an individual school. Check with your school to confirm start and end times for this program. The Pre-Primary Program will be closed during all school Professional Development days, Collaborative Learning Days (afternoons only), storm days, holidays, and the summer months. Please check with the school board about class cancellations or closures. The opening date for the new programs is set for Thursday September 28, 2017.


Transportation for pre-primary will not be universally available across the province at this time.


The program will provide children with a morning snack when they arrive and an afternoon snack. Snacks will follow the Standards for Food and Nutrition in Regulated child careand will emphasize foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy protein sources. Parents will be required to send a lunch with their child.


The program will be staffed by Early Childhood Educators. There will be one educator for every 10 students in the classroom, where there is a class of 20 children. Where there are more than 20 children (maximum 24), there will be 3 staff.


The pre-primary program will provide all supplies, materials and resources as part of the program.

Inclusive Environment:

The Pre-primary Program is an inclusive program open to all children who are eligible. Children with special needs will continue to have access to services and supports they would have if they were at home or in a community based program, while they are in Pre-Primary.


The Pre-Primary Program is a play based and developmentally appropriate for this age group. It will follow the Nova Scotia Early Learning Curriculum Framework, which recognizes that children learn best through play, and helps educators to create responsive learning environments for children.