Grade Six General Music outline

Purpose: Grade 6 General Music is designed to help students find an outlet for their creativity while providing musical learning that will help develop skills that connect to their everyday lives.


1: Creating, Making and Presenting

Students will learn the music concepts required to write and perform music.

2.) Understanding and Connecting contexts of Time, Place and Community:

Students will participate in activities which help to examine music in the context of a variety of cultures and communities.

3.) Perceiving and Responding:

Students will analyse music (both their original works and other peoples music) to say what they liked or how to improve the music.

Students can expect:

Term One:

1.) Students will be focusing on basic music notation and rhythms.

2.) We will be doing a combination of reading and writing music.

3.) We will be doing small group performances using the Orff instruments in the classroom.

4.) Movement activities will be an important part of relating to rhythm.

Term Two/Post winter Break:

Depending on how the classes are managing the content from term one we will change our focus to include learning the very basics of guitar. The school will be providing guitars but students are welcome to bring their own and students who have been playing for a while are encouraged to try to teach the class something basic once we get started. Students will read music, chords diagrams, and sing and play at the same time.

Term three:

Depending on our progress, we will start a unit that brings the focus back rhythm. We will be using a style of drumming known as Junkyard drumming and African drums to explore both traditional African Hand drumming and rhythm in general. Small group activities and improvisation will be central in this section.

Students will need:

1.) A Pencil

2.) An Eraser

3.) A Guitar Pick