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Pendlebury February Newsletter 2018

Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2018

Dear Families,

December is an exciting month! The following information is a snapshot of our month.

  • Tuesday, Dec. 4 - Report Cards go home
  • Wednesday, Dec. 5 - Parent Teacher Meetings - (6pm - 8pm)
  • Thursday, Dec. 6 - No School for students - Parent Teacher Meetings (1pm - 3pm)
  • Wednesday, Dec.19 - Holiday Concert (12:45pm)
  • Friday, Dec. 21 - Last of Classes
  • Jan. 3- Welcome back!

What we are working on:

Math- Students have been working on proper formation when printing numbers. We learning about sorting objects and the attributes of different shapes (ones that roll, have flat sides, have points, colour, size). We continue to learn about patterning - making them, recognizing them and continuing them. We will be comparing and measuring items to see which is heavier, lighter, or about the same as another item. We will be looking at the number 7 and the children continue to count forwards and backwards.

Reading- They continue to learn letter/sound relationships. They have been learning about using their “framing fingers” to hunt for letters and words in their books. The students will be working on finding the first letter of a word and the last letter of a word. They will also be pointing to one word as they read and will be learning to recognize patterns in their books when reading. The students are always on the hunt for glue words (I, can, mom, me, am, dad, go, see, the, like) when reading and can often find them in larger words! We continue to work on our reading stamina (to our self or to a partner) for longer periods of time.

Writing- The students are working on writing personal narrative - writing about themselves - and are writing simple sentences (I can…, I am…, I can see the...) and to use spaces between words (a finger). For words they don’t know yet, they are encouraged to write what they hear, write letters to represent the words they want to write, or write a scribble mark to show an unknown word. They are labeling their drawings (me, mom, dad) and continue to add details to their drawings. The class will be making another book soon with pictures of them in it!

Social Studies- The class will be learning about the difference between Needs and Wants. They continue to learn about the different groups they are a part of and our various family celebrations and traditions. If you and your family have some special traditions you would like to share with the class we would love to learn about them! Please contact me to arrange a time when you can come in, or if you would like to send something to school with your child to share.

Science- We continue to explore Seasonal Changes and Living Things.

Yours in learning,

David Pendlebury and Valerie Martel☺

Popcorn Day is Wedensday, November 28th!! Bring a toonie!

Movie Night at George Bissett!!

5:45 - 8:00

Bring money for snacks and a chair or blanket to sit on!

November Newsletter

We hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween!

  • Please continue to visit my website I try to update it weekly with pictures, videos and other updates, so you can see what’s happening in our class. I will put notices and monthly newsletters on the site as well
  • The weather is getting colder and students are coming to school with hats, gloves, and mitts. Please label your child’s items
  • Math: We are currently working on measurement - length. They have finished patterning and geometry (sorting 3D objects into groups) and we will continue learning different ways to represent numbers to 5. They will be reading number words to 5, comparing groups, making groups, building numbers in a variety of ways, and breaking numbers apart.
  • Reading: Students read with a partner from the class as well as on their own. They are working on developing our stamina with this. They are practicing reading the pictures, are hunting for “glue words (I, can, like, am, me) and any letters of the alphabet they know. They are also exploring the letters of the alphabet (names and sounds) and how we put letters together to make words.
  • Writing- Students are in the beginning stages of writing. They have created a class list of things they can write about. From this list, students are beginning to generate independent ideas. They will take these ideas and draw a picture. From there, they will learn to add details to their picture and will begin writing letters and words to represent their illustrations. They are writing glue words in their writing (i.e. I can...., I like..., I am…) as well as labeling “me” above their picture.
  • Cross Aged Buddies (Grade 4) - The students are paired with Cross Aged Buddies and meet once a week (Thursdays) to do activities and practice a variety of academic and social skills.

Ideas for writing/reading activities at home are:

  • “I spy” a sight word/letter/sound
  • cover a word in a sentence and have them guess what word would sound right
  • purchase an inexpensive blank writing book or mini whiteboard and dry erase marker (at the dollar store) and allow your child to write freely/ read a message from you or a family member
  • use clay or playdough to bend and form letters or “glue words”
  • writing letters to friends and family members
  • help with writing the family grocery or “to do list”
  • looking for sight words when seen in a book/magazine/newspaper/on food packaging

Yours in learning,

David Pendlebury and Valerie Martel

Good afternoon Families,

Tomorrow is Halloween!!

Mrs. Martel and I have treats and drinks for the kids so you don’t have to send in anything. However, if you would like to send something, that is fine as well.


Students can bring their costumes to school and we can help them put them on at lunch time.

We have lots of fun Halloween activities planned and there is a school wide activity in the gym after lunch!!

Yours in Learning,

Mr. Pendlebury and Mrs. Martel

Check the 'Special Events' tab for information about the Halloween Howl!!


If you would like to volunteer on a class trip, don't forget to get your CRIMINAL RECORDS CHECK and CHILD ABUSE REGISTRY done!!

Dear Families, Oct. 1, 2018.

Hard to believe September has come and gone! We are having fun getting to know and learn with one another. Here are some of the things we wanted to share with you that are happening this month:


  • Please continue to check in to the website for updates and photos of our learning (find our class on the George Bissett website - the link is there)
  • Student names - our students are still learning to print their names. They should be regularly practicing the letter names and symbols of their name. Please continue to practice this at home.
  • Communication - If you have written a note in your child’s communication scribbler, please leave it open in their mailbag so we can see it quickly and respond.
  • Please label your child’s shoes/boots/coats/sweaters etc., as they can get misplaced easily.
  • We encourage families to keep toys at home as they often get lost or broken.


Reading: We are learning that there are multiple ways we can read- We can read the pictures and we can retell the story. Students will be practicing these strategies daily during reader’s workshop. Students read with a partner as well as on their own in class.

Writing: We will begin exploring the difference between letters and words and will be learning about what “glue words” (high frequency words). These are all of the words that they see in our books and will be using when writing their stories. The students will also be exploring: where we start writing, where we go (left to right, top down) and how drawing a picture is the beginning of writing.

Math: The students have been developing their number sense through the exploration of numbers to 5. They are working on: counting forwards and backwards to 10, matching 1-to-1 when counting, representing numbers using a variety of objects, building and breaking apart numbers 1-5, and understanding that numbers have a value - i.e. when I am done counting that’s how many I have. The unit on Patterning.

Dear Families,

We hope your child has enjoyed the first few days back to school. We certainly have enjoyed getting to know them.

Here is the September newsletter:

Class website: Please take a few minutes to check out the class website. This is where we will be posting pictures of what we are doing in the classroom/around the school, uploading the monthly newsletters/notes home (in case one gets misplaced…!), sharing ideas and activities you can do with your child at home, and posting links to websites we like to use in the classroom or that you may want to explore at home.

Sept.20 Curriculum Night 6:30 - 7:30:

We will be explaining what we do in a typical day, what “Integrated Curriculum” looks like, what Reader’s/Writer’s workshop and Math mini lessons are all about, how the Home Reading program will work, and answering questions you may have. Hope to see you!

Volunteers: Please keep in mind that in order to volunteer to chaperone class trips, adults must have a Criminal Records Check and Child Abuse Registry Form completed and on file with the school. These documents can take some time to obtain. If you think you may like to volunteer for a class trip we recommend starting the process of getting these documents as soon as possible. If you have any questions regarding forms or to see if your name is already on our school volunteer list please contact the office.

What we are working on:

  • This month we will be getting to know each other, discovering our similarities and differences, and exploring how to use the playground/school/classroom safely and respectfully. (There will be a few fire drills too!).
  • In Language Arts: We are reading lots of books about back to school (how we may be feeling- nervous, excited, etc.,) and Pete the Cat books. We will also be launching our Writer’s and Reader’s Workshops- discussing why we learn to read/write, how reading/writing helps us do things, tools we use when reading/writing, focusing on how to treat books, and learning how to share our stories with others (telling it, drawing it, writing it).
  • In Math: We will be exploring numbers. We will be are working with numbers to 5 (using, pictures, numbers, words, and materials to show numbers in different ways), comparing sets, representing a number in two parts, and counting forward and backwards between 1-5.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail at, or by calling the school at 902-464-5184. Please feel free to have a chat with me at the end of day dismissal. If you would like to ensure I am available at a certain time please email, call, or send a note in your child’s communication book.

We are looking forward to working with you and your child to help them experience success,

~Valerie Martel and David Pendlebury ☺

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Tuesday - Gym

Wednesday - Music, Library

Thursday - Gym

Friday - Music

Hello Families! Check out this video from a Canadian Teacher who has found a great way to teach children how to tie their shoes!!