Unit 2 -Perception & Sensation


Psychology 12 - Unit 8 Motivation & Emotion

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Crash Course Episode 5 - Sensation and Perception

Crash Course Episode 6 - Homunculus

Crash Course Episode #7 - Perceiving Is Believing

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Module 16

Selective Attention

• What are the implications of having the ability to attend selectively to stimuli?


• What are the implications of sensory information not getting transformed and delivered to the brain properly?


• Why are thresholds important to our ability to interact with the world around us?

Sensory Adaptation

• How does sensory adaptation help people live day-to-day?

Module 17

Perceptual Set

• What are some benefits and drawbacks of perceptual set?

Context Effects

• How influential is context on our sensation and perception?

Emotion and Motivation

• What are the implications of emotions

Module 18

The Stimulus Input: Light Energy

• How is light important to vision?

• What are the most important aspects of light that make vision possible?

The Eye

• What are the most important aspects of the eye that make vision possible?

Visual Information Processing

• How do feature detectors and parallel processing affect our visual perception?

Color Vision

• How do we see colour?

Module 19

Visual Organization

• Why do we organize visual information in particular ways?

• How does this type of organization help us understand the world around us?

Visual Interpretation

• How does losing or regaining vision affect perception?

• How does perceptual adaptation help us day-to-day?

Module 20

The Stimulus Input: Sound Waves

• How are sound waves important to hearing?

• What are the most important aspects of sound waves that make hearing possible?

The Ear

• What aspects of the ear make hearing possible?

Module 21


• Is touch a sensory system that is taken for granted?


• What is the importance of pain in our lives?


• How does our sense of taste affect other aspects of our lives?


• What is the importance of smell in daily life?

Body Position and Movement

• How can knowing about our body position and movement be important?

Sensory Interaction

• Why is sensory interaction important?