Christmas Concert Recordings 2017

Download or listen to any of the songs from our 2 holiday shows here!

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Primary MacKenzie, Grade 1 Mills & Grade 1/2 Stobo

It's a Tough Job Bein' Me

Tough Job Bein Me.wav

Christmas Can Be Easy

Christmas Can Be.wav

Gettin' Santa Ready for Christmas - featuring 2-3 on finale

P3 Finale Gettin Santa Ready.wav

2 Cummings & 3 Hovey

Penguins on Parade

Penguin Parade.wav

Pesky Population of Penguins

pesky penguins take 2.wav

3/4 Boudreau & 4 LeBlanc

Gettin' a Part-Time Job

Gettin a part time job.wav

Hip Hop Reindeer

Hip hop reindeer.wav

Busy, Busy, Busy

busy take 2.wav

5 Crossley & 6 M/P/Josey

Reindeer Jive

Reindeer Jive.wav

What Will We Do?

what will we do.wav

Gettin' Ready for Christmas

46 Finale Getting Ready for Xmas.wav

Grade 4, 5 & 6 Choir

Blitzen's Boogie

blitzen's boogie.wav

Practice Till We're Perfect

Practise till we're perfect.wav

Practice Till We're Perfect -

Reindeer Quartet

reprise practice perfect.wav