Mrs. Kerr's Elementary Music

Welcome to Music! Welcome to 2021!

I teach General music classes to all students in Primary to Grade 5.

Each week there are 2 music classes which last for 30 minutes.

This year, due to Covid-19 restrictions, music classes are held in home room class, and students are seated at their desks. When performing actions to songs, students stand behind their chair and desk.

So what will we do in Elementary music?

* Listen and analyze a variety of styles of music. Draw a musical map while listening.

* Read and perform rhythms using body percussion and 'found' objects.

* Read melodies from online sight reading resources and the Musicplay Series. Even though they won't be singing, they will be hearing lots of melodies that are pitched appropriate for their age level. (They will work on developing 'inner hearing, and are allowed to 'hum' with masks on).

* Lots of reading---musical story books; chanting and speaking poems; in chain formation. (one after the other)

* Learn about instruments, both orchestral, band and folk.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me: dawn.kerr@hrce or

Stay safe!

The "Ourchestra" -----a funny poem about 'body percussion by Shel Silverstein.

So you haven’t got a drum? Just beat your belly.

So I haven’t got a horn, I’ll play my nose.

So we haven’t any cymbals---we’ll just slap our hands together.

And though there may be orchestras

That sound a little better

With their shiny fancy instruments

That cost an awful lot----

Hey, we’re making music twice as good

By playing what we’ve got!

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