Horton School Advisory Council

Welcome to our website as we are pleased to introduce you to the inaugural Horton School Advisory Council (SAC).

The Horton SAC is a collaboration of teachers, administrators, parents, students and members of the community who are working together to improve student achievement and increase student and community well-being. We do this by hearing from all members of the school community, and assisting in developing policies that create a positive learning environment.

Some of the items we are currently working on include:

• promoting student achievement and safe and inclusive schools

• developing strategies to improve and support the extracurricular programs and special projects of the school

• maintaining effective communication with parents/guardians

• advising the administration and staff on any matters that are referred to the SAC by the administration, the AVRCE or the Minister of Education

We have an annual discretionary budget from the Department of Education that we can allocate to different needs, opportunities and such in the school.

As we are just getting the ball rolling during this 2020-21 academic year, we welcome your ideas, suggestions, comments and support.

Please contact the Horton School Advisory Council - Horton SAC