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Hello Parents! Welcome to grade 4/5 in M. Fournier's class at Kingswood Elementary. Feel free to browse my site. It will be updated throughout the year as we explore and discover all sorts of different activities. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me using any of the methods below.

Phone: Tel: (902) 832-5522

Email: afournier@hrce.ca


Technology is an integral part of our students' daily life. As a reflection of this reality, it is integrated into every aspect of our school community. Our province has recognized this, and in an effort to better equip our students for the future they have provided all of the students of this province with their own Google account, with all the suite of apps that accompany it. Check out the above tab to see some of the features that your child is able to access with their Google account. Regardless of the subject being covered, there will always be a technology component. Check out the math tab to see what we are learning about each week in math with interactive practice sites on the week's concept.



Nov 22-6

"This Week In Math" Multiplication 7, 9

English Lit Circle 10 questions in Google Classroom Mystery Week 4

Read for 15 minutes in English/French alternating days.

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