Primary Conrod

Weekly Schedule

Monday Day 1 - Gym Monday Day 6 - Gym

Tuesday Day 2 - Gym Tuesday Day 7 -

Wednesday Day 3 - Tech Buddies, Gym, Library Wednesday Day 8 - Gym, Library, Tech Buddies

Thursday Day 4 - Thursday Day 9 -

Friday Day 5 - Book Buddies Friday Day 10 - Gym, Book Buddies

Book orders

I will send home a book order once a month. Please pay online with a credit card OR send in a cheque. I cannot accept cash. Simply return the completed forms at the back of the book order. Books usually arrive within 2 weeks.

A percentage of the money the class spends on these orders is given back to me to purchase more books.


Please label everything possible. Jackets, sweaters, sneakers etc. If the students can take it off, chances are they will.

Contact Info

If you want to reach me you can e-mail me at

Please note I rarely have time to check my e-mail before 3pm. If the matter is urgent please call the main office at 902-433-7100