Citadel High Students' Council


Ivan Andreou

The Co-Presidents are elected by the students of Citadel High School to represent them. They are responsible for running events, listening to the students, imitating discussion, and leading the school.

Owen Connolly

Co-Presidents represent the school and run executive meetings. We communicate with fellow HRM schools to organize collaborative events. Feel free to contact me to give feedback and/or suggestions for Citadel Students’ Council.


Sophia Wedderburn

The secretary of Citadel High’s Student Council takes notes every meeting and ensures that things run smoothly without overlap. They are also responsible for communicating with groups and businesses on behalf of Student Council. Feel free to contact Olivia by email with any questions regarding the council as a whole.

Finance Executives

Senior Finance - Isobel Cameron

Junior Finance - Ava Putnam

The Finance Executives have two main jobs. One, organizing and accounting for all money coming in and out of the council's bank account. Two, to create a budget for the council and associated clubs and committees to follow. Finance is a two year term (Grade 11-12) and must be applied for as a grade 10.

Tech Executives

Teddy Chisolm

Thomas Duck

The Tech Committee is the behind the scenes part of council. They handle sounds, lights and the Spatz equipment for student lead events, assemblies, and the musical.

Phoenix Store Reps

Finn Murphy

Erin Jollimore

The Promotion Executives are in charge of promoting all things Citadel! If you want an event promoted we're your people!! We run the social media accounts for council.

Snapchat: citadel_high

Instagram: citadelhighcouncil

Twitter: @CHS_Council_

Community Executive

Mairin McCabe

Alenne Adeleayoke

The Community Committee helps organize events to help raise funds and awareness for issues that affect our school and local community! You can contact Edie by email with questions or suggestions about future events!

Spirit Executive

Shauntia Isreal

Bridget Noseworthy

The Spirit Committee is the committee that keeps students full of fun and pride for our school! We make sure school events are enjoyable and welcoming and that students have a ton of love for Citadel!

Global Executive

Adora Fernando

Meaghan DeAdder

The Global Committee raises funds and awareness for third world countries, international issues and disasters. We also promote multiculturalism in the school.

Arts Executive

Hayden Coyle

The Arts Committee is a group of people who value all brands of arts occurring at Citadel High. We organize creative activities that reinforce the artistic community at school and provide a outlet for artists.

Athletics Executive

Anna Duganzic

Philly Reid

Athletics committee promotes sports events, plans intramural events and tournaments, and also runs the Citadel Athletics social media accounts.

Environment Executive

Neda Moghadam

The Environment Committee works to make sure Citadel High School is as eco-conscious as it can be. We go to the community garden, have education guest speakers and fundraise for like minded organizations. If you are passionate about saving our planet Environment Committee is the place for you.