School Advisory Council (SAC)

for Citadel

What is the School Advisory Council (SAC)?

The School Advisory Council (SAC) is a volunteer group established under a law called the Education Act. The SAC is made up of parents/guardians, staff, community members and students. We provide advice to the Principal and the Regional Education Centre on topics that impact student learning and their experience at school. We support the ongoing efforts to improve student achievement and school performance. For more information about the SAC, see our Letter of Agreement and

Citadel SAC Letter of Agreement 2019.pdf

Nova Scotia Education and Early Childhood Development Inclusive Education Policy

Inclusive Education Policy

Who may attend meetings?

Anyone may attend the SAC meetings. We welcome and encourage everyone interested to come and participate. If you are interested in joining our mailing list, email Natalia Diaz-Insense -

The SAC formal membership is made up of voting members with 2-year terms. There are 5 parent/guardian members, 2 community members, 6 student members and 4 teacher/support members.

When does the SAC meet?

The SAC meets at least 6 times during the school year. For our next meeting date, check back here, check the weekly newsletters sent out by the school or join our mailing list.


  • November 24, 2021 from 6:00pm - 7:30pm.


If you have any questions, contact the SAC chair, Rene Gannon, at

Minutes of Past Meetings

Citadel SAC Minutes Jan 30 2020.pdf

JAN 23, 2020

Minutes Oct 24 2018 APPROVED.pdf

Oct 24, 2018

Citadel SAC Minutes Oct16 2019 draft.pdf

Oct 16, 2019 DRAFT

Citadel SAC Minutes Sept 19 2019 draft.pdf

Sept 19, 2019 DRAFT

Citadel SAC Minutes May 8 2019 draft.pdf

May 8, 2019 DRAFT

Citadel SAC Minutes April 9 2019 FINAL.pdf

Apr 9, 2019

Minutes Feb 12 2019 APPROVED.pdf

Feb 12, 2019

Minutes Jan 24 2019 APPROVED.pdf

Jan 24, 2019

Minutes Dec 5 2018 APPROVED.pdf

Dec 5, 2018

Voting Members 2018/2019


Rene Gannon (chair) Liz Greene Leah Hutt John Davie Erica Baker Bob Carter Jon FrostLisa DeWolfeShelby Lendrum Steff FarrarJennifer LeBlanc Sean Flemming Alastair Trower Lindsay DuBois Leah HamiltonDaryn SteevesMichelle Hebert Natalie Diaz-Insense Louise Van Wort Eileen Kilfoil Lola Gilmer Lisa Fougere



Nabeeha Ahmed Stella MurphyEldon MacDonald


Sarah OvermarsHeather Michael

Support Staff

Andrew Day


Joe Morrison (non-voting)