Recess and Lunch Order Forms

TO order online, CLICK HERE

September 2022 MENU BES.pdf

When you send in lunch or recess money with your student, we ask that the money comes in a baggie/ envelope (if you are short, we will have extras) along with the student's ordering ticket.

  • Simply check off the items you want on your ticket and slip it into the baggie with your money.

  • Your student's teacher will then collect the baggie and send it along to Terra in the kitchen each morning.

  • Terra will send the ticket back with your student’s lunch along with any change you may need in the baggie.

If you are someone who orders more regularly, you can also send in money for 10 lunch tickets. The prices will be available on the menu.

Thank you SO much for your patience and we hope that after some getting used to, this will be a much easier system for everyone. This will greatly assist Terra (our cook) when it comes to ordering and preparing the wonderful snacks & meals she provides.