The Galley

The Galley (Cafeteria)

Just as our namesake the Bluenose had a galley where meals were prepared for its sailors, Bluenose Academy also has a galley where our dedicated staff, Sandy Taylor and Mellissa Fraser, work hard to serve healthy meals and snacks to the students at Bluenose Academy. The meal menu changes monthly so check here regularly for the most up-to-date menu!

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From the Galley (School Cafeteria)

Note to Parents:

Welcome back everyone to the 2017 - 2018 school year. Please take a look at the price list for this year. These are things that are available for purchase every day. The Galley will be open for the year, beginning Thursday September 7th for orders and snacks from our price list, options such as grilled cheese, salads, sandwiches and such. Please take note that every baked item is not available every day, but we do provide a good selection each day.

Our hot lunch menu will start on Monday September 11th . You will notice an asterisk * in front of some hot food items in the daily meal. What this means is your child will be able to purchase this item separately, if they want and not the entire meal. Cost of each item is listed below that item. Milk is not included when you purchase items separately, it is only included when entire meal is purchased.

Milk tickets are 40 cents each or 20 tickets for $8.00 and can be used on any day.

Pizza Day is every Friday unless there is an in-service or ½ day that falls on the Friday then it will be the last full day of the school week. Students can purchase just a slice of pizza for $3.00.

Advance Meal Tickets: You can purchase advanced meal tickets for your children if this is your preference. The meal ticket can be used for whatever day you like. This can make it much easier for your child because they will not have to carry money with them every day and you will know they are getting the hot lunch for that day.

Note: If your child has ordered a lunch in the morning and for unforeseeable reasons goes home before they receive their lunch, please inform the cafeteria staff that they are leaving and we will either provide a refund for the lunch item or a credit so they can get the item at a later date. When we are not notified of them leaving, please note that the item is prepared for them and ready for that day. Letting us know will help us keep our food cost down.

Thank you for your support of our cafeteria throughout each school year. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call us at 902-634-2200 Ext.135

Sandy Taylor and Mellissa Fraser

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