School Advisory Council

School Advisory Council (SAC)

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What is a School Advisory Council?

School advisory councils (SACs) bring together teachers, support staff, parents and community members in an consultative capacity to increase the quality of education that is being provided by a school.

They are legally recognized bodies which are intended to give parents and the community a say in what goes on at a school, from policies to extra-curricular programs, fundraising and more.

The Education Act stipulates that, for public schools, a school advisory council will develop and recommend a school improvement plan to the Board and will advise on the development of school policies that promote academic excellence and a positive learning environment.

A school advisory council operates under a letter of agreement with the school board and the Department of Education which outlines the council's composition and the responsibilities of the council, board and department.

Responsibilities of a council can include:

  • Providing advice on strategies to support a school's extra-curricular programs and special projects.
  • Advising the school on issues related to school practices and policies in such areas as student discipline, fund-raising and parent-school communication.
  • Giving advice on the development of school policies which promote academic excellence and foster a positive learning environment.
  • Maintaining effective communication among the various partners involved in the council by hold regular, open public meetings.
  • Reviewing an annual report that summarizes the school's progress in implementing its school improvement plan.

When there is a school advisory council in place, students benefit by seeing parents and the community take a more active role in their education. They also have more opportunities to connect the school with the broader community.

Principals, teachers and schools report that SACs result in increased support and feedback about the education process from parents and other community members, giving them a better understanding of community expectations. It also helps them gain community support for changes needed in the school.

For parent and community members of an SAC, the benefits include a better understanding of teaching, learning and the school curriculum and the opportunity to influence school priorities in a positive way.

For more information about the school advisory council in your area, and to learn how to become involved in the council, please contact the school's principal.

From the South Shore Regional School Board's website (

2018-2019 Executive:

Principal (non-voting) - Steven McGill (

Chairperson Parent Rep. - Melissa Risser (

Vice Chair Parent Rep. - Patricia Lantz-Randall (

Secretary/Support Staff Rep. - Sarah Jane Collins (

Council Members:

Parent Rep. - Amanda Thornhill-Allen (

Parent Rep. - Sarah Cook (

Parent Rep. - Scott MacInnis (

Community Rep. - Bill Roblee (

Teacher Rep. - Jennifer Langford (

Teacher Rep. - Tanya Veinotte Frowd (

Teacher Rep. - Stephanie Hunt (

Teacher Rep. - Raymond Aucoin (

Student Rep. - vacant

All council meetings will be open to the public with the exception of those that deal with student suspensions. The council will meet at least six times a year with an annual general meeting held in October. The quorum shall be 50% plus 1 of the voting members.

2018-2019 Meeting Minutes

2017-2018 Meeting Minutes

2016-2017 Meeting Minutes

2015-2016 Meeting Minutes