Discovering Opportunities

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What is Discovering Opportunities ?

Discovering Opportunities (D.O.) is a program available to grade nine students at BHJH. D.O. offers a unique, flexible, team-centered approach to learning, providing students with essential skills and experiences.

The program is designed for academic students who may, for many different reasons, need re-engagement with school in order to reach their potential. Students participate in activities to enhance personal growth, academic skills, and career exploration. Students attend the core courses as a cohort and integrate with other classes for non-core subjects.

The program is built on strong partnerships with families, workplaces, and community organizations. See below for more detailed information...

Check out our VIDEO and Brochure:

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Program Components

Building Relationships
Service Learning
Inquiry-Based Learning
Hands-On Learning
Career Exploration
Field Trips
Job Shadows
Guest Speakers

Information for Students & Families

Is D.O. for me?

Check out this video created by our 18-19 DO students!

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Am I the right fit for D.O.?

  • I'd like to connect what I'm learning to real-life.

  • I find school really boring or challenging.

  • I prefer more hands-on learning activities.

  • I enjoy working with others.

  • I'm interested in exploring different careers.

  • I would like to get more involved in my community.

  • I think I could be doing a lot better at school.

If you'd like more information, feel free to speak to any of our DO Team:

To check out a a list of school and community activities that our students took part in during the 2018-2019 school year, click here.


Click here to complete the online application form. Applications are DUE before May 28th.

*If you are NOT using gnspes, you will need to complete a word document. Email for a copy.