About Us

Bayview Community School is located in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia and has just over 400 students from Pre-Primary to Grade 9. The school's mascot is the Bobcat and their colours are Navy, White and Silver. The current Principal is Lamar Eason and the Vice-Principal is Angela Stewart

Mission Statement

Bayview Community School promotes a life of learning. We are committed to the development of responsible, caring, well-rounded individuals with strong academic skills, life strategies, and social consciousness.

Belief Statement

The staff at Bayview Community School are dedicated to the belief that the following components are critical to the provision of an effective and positive education for the school community:

  • opportunities for creative and independent learning
  • a recognition of learner's multiple intelligences and diversity
  • commitment to personal academic excellence
  • dedicated, professionally trained staff
  • an intrinsic value of life long learning
  • challenging outcomes that are relevant and appropriate
  • an opportunity to develop full potential in all areas
  • opportunities to experience success
  • respect and acceptance of self and others
  • proactive social consciousness
  • a nurturing, inviting environment that is safe and healthy
  • a feeling of belonging; a sense of "place"