There will be a bake sale by the Environment Club on December 12. If students want to support this, the group will be purchasing fruit trees for the school property! Tell them to bring their $ on Thursday, December 12 so we can enhance the school grounds with these trees and, hopefully, get yummy fruit that everyone can enjoy!

GUIDANCE CORNER Welcome to 2019-2020, another exciting year, with many new and familiar faces at Bayview Community School. I hope all are working past Hurricane Dorian’s impact but, if your family is still dealing with its fallout, please feel free to reach out to myself or anyone at the school to discuss possible support that might be available.

As a School Counsellor, my primary mandate is to act as an advocate for all students from primary to grade nine by creating a caring environment that supports their personal, social, career and educational needs.

School Counsellors work with all grade levels in various ways. School Counsellors can work with individual students, small groups, large groups or whole classes of students.

It takes a team to support your child(ren), and I look forward to being a part of this team.

I wish our families a healthy and successful year.

Marc Breaugh; (902) 624-2126;