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Strength in Numbers

Staff tribute to BCS students, families & community!

Today would have been the last day of school and we want to take a minute (or three and a half), to say thank you for the past year. With all of the challenges presented to us, our Bobcat community yet again rose above and beyond. Our students and families are amazing and we the staff want you to know that we will never give up on you. We miss you and hope that we will see you in September. Enjoy the summer!

Slide Shows and Memories for 2020

We want to thank everyone for the academic, curricular and social-emotional support of students during this school year. Though it was cut short, we were able to make a lot of memories and we look forward to making more next year. Thank you to our AMAZING BCS families and community. GO BOBCATS!


BCS Elementary Slideshow 2020.mp4


SONG 1: Shakira, Try Everything (2016)

SONG 2: Mini Pop Kids, Memories (2019)

SONG 3: Justin Timberlake, Can't Stop the Feeling (2016)

BCS Jr. High slideshow 20202.mp4


SONG 1: American Authors, Best Day of My Life (2013)

SONG 2: The Lumineers, Nobody Knows (2016)

Grade 9 Slideshow 2020.mp4


SONG 1: Neil Diamond, Sweet Caroline (1969)

SONG 2: Keala Settle - The Greatest Showman Ensemble, This Is Me (2019)

SONG 3: Maroon 5, Memories (2019)

Awards Recognition for 2020

Please be mindful of the fact that not all students/families will be able to watch the awards presentation right away. We ask that you refrain from congratulating award winners until you have known for sure they have seen the presentation and are aware of the awards they've "received". We hope you enjoy our video.

*Grade 9's will receive their awards, while grade Pre-Primary to Eight will receive theirs upon return in the fall.

Elementary Awards2.mp4



Bayview Junior High Award Version 2.mp4



New Notice to Bayview Students, Parents, and Guardians :

There are a number of things that are important to know regarding upcoming items for BCS. Please take a look below regarding the Jr. High Yearbook, Awards recognition and end of year closing slideshows.

Awards and Closing Slideshows:

We thank you for your time and patience as we navigate together the conclusion of our 2019-2020 school year. Usually, the month of June allows us to look back and remember the year while celebrating our students’ successes both in and outside the classroom. This year, however, we will not be able to come together as a school and/or community. Currently, the BCS staff is working to create a Grade 9 tribute, a Jr. High and Elementary tribute, along with an Extra-Curricular Awards Presentation. All of these remembrance/recognitions will be shared with families on Friday, June 26th through our website and social media outlets. This is something that is accessible to all families.

*Awards for grade 9 students will be sent out to individuals after the 26th while the awards for Pre-Primary to grade 8 will be given out in September or when we return to school.


The BCS Yearbook is under production! BCS is ONLY doing a Jr. High year book this year. The delivery date will be in September upon return to school. All yearbooks ordered by grade 9's will be delivered to them at PVEC as has been done over the past number of years. If you would like to order a yearbook, we are taking online orders only. You can now do so on the Josten’s website and the cost is $35. Click on the link below or go to and click Order Yearbook Today! THE DEADLINE FOR ORDERS IS JUNE 30

You offer link is :

Thank you,

Lamar Eason

Principal, Bayview Community School


Dear Students & Families,

Since the announcement that formal learning will end on June 5, we know there is considerable interest in retrieving your belongings from the school.

Staff have returned to school to put students’ things together for pick-up. Parent/Guardian access & pick-up will start the week of June 8 to coincide with the end of formal learning. We know many of you have school items to return to the school. This date will allow people to return items following the learning period at the same time as picking up your belongings. If you have library books, textbooks, technology, school sports uniforms, band uniforms, scripts for the Jr. High play, or other school owned items, we ask that you return those items when you come and pick up your belongings. Mrs. Lohnes will contact individuals about band instruments.

We have a plan that ensures we maintain Public Health protocols during this pick-up time and ask that people coming to BCS follow our social distancing and pick-up expectations.

  • Parents will be asked to come in on the following days for their students to pick-up belongings:

    • JUNE 8:

      • 9-11:30: Pre-primary and Primary

      • 12-3: Grades One (1), Two (2) and Three (3)

    • JUNE 9:

      • 9-12: Grades Four (4), Five (5) and Six (6)

      • 1-3: Grades Seven (7) and Eight (8)

    • JUNE 10:

      • 9-11: Grade Nine (9)

      • 12-3: Anyone who has not been able to collect their belongings

PLEASE NOTE: If you have multiple students at BCS, you can pick-up all of their belongings at the same time. Please choose one of the times that is more convenient for you.

The plan for pick-up is:

  • Parents/guardians are asked to drive through either the bus loop or the parking lot loop. Someone will be there to take your name, relay it to the gym, where belongings have been bagged and tagged and bring the items out.

  • Staff want to say goodbye during grade level pick-ups and will be at the loops if students accompany parents/guardians in vehicles. We want to stress that students should remain in the vehicle.

  • We ask that you please remain in your cars. Students can come with parents/guardians to say goodbye to teachers who will be outside at the loops.

  • If you have library books, textbooks, technology, school sports uniforms, band uniforms, scripts for the Jr. High play, or other school owned items, we ask that you bring and drop those off when you come and pick up your belongings.

  • For lost and found items, we will have tables outside for anything collected and 1 person from the car can take a look.

* If Items are not picked up and/or arrangements aren’t made, belongings will be given to local charity

Again, if you have more than one child at BCS, you will be able to pick it all up at one time. If you are unable to make any of these days/times or if you have questions or concerns, please e-mail

Take care and stay safe.

Mr. Eason, Mrs. Stewart and BCS staff

Pre-Primary and Primary transportation:

Are you starting pre- primary and or primary? Are you moving to a new school? ex. Elementary to Jr. High and or Jr. High to High School.

Reminder to all parents who have students who will be starting pre-primary and or primary or attending a new school in September. Please ensure you apply for a new bus stop for your children. Students bus stops do not automatically move with the student, parents should contact the SSRCE transportation department by phone at 902-541-8252 email or SSRCE Transportation messenger to inquire about busing arrangements for September 2020.

PLEASE NOTE: If your child will be attending the same school as last year, then your transportation will remain the same unless you are contacted by a transportation department representative.​

BCS access of e-learning:

Hello BCS families,

Starting tomorrow, April 8, families will be able to access learning P-9 on our website. In addition, we will be adding the learning packets from SaltWire to our page as well. To access this learning tomorrow, go to the school website at:

All learning will be under the tab at the top titled "Covid19 E-learning" (see attached image). Here you will be able to access learning in order to continue your childs education in these difficult times. We also have a tab for social well being and physical activities. Please do not underestimate just how important these two things are. You and your students well being is so very important.

In addition, remember that staff is here to support you. Each teacher has office hours that they are available for support.

BCS wants to reach out to you and remind you that we miss you all. If you need something, please don't hesitate to reach out. If food is a concern, please reach out to our local food banks or reach out to BCS staff as we have access to supports for our families.

· Mahone Bay Food Bank (2nd and 4th Tues of the month from 9:00-11:00)

· Chester Food Bank open Wed. & will stay open as long as they have food

· Bridgewater food bank open Tues. and Fri. 1-3:30pm

· Liverpool food bank is open (Tues 10-1)



Food Banks/options:

BCS recognizes that this can be difficult times for families financially. Please reach out to us if you need support as we have access to services that can help students/families. If we don't have them, we can always work to point folks in the right direction.

Food Banks/options:

· Chester Foodbank open Wednesdays and will stay open as long as they have food

· Bridgewater foodbank open Tuesdays and Fridays 1-3:30pm

· Liverpool food is open as normal (Tuesdays 10-1)

· Mahone Bay Food Bank (2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month from 9:00-11:00)

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