Hello from the team of Gnamics

We are happy that you are here. Please let us tell you about our Tavern.

The Tavern of Magic is Collectible Card Game mixed with great variety of other genres, forming a great expirience for all types of players.

You can challenge your friends or strangers in PvP modes or crawl through the Dungeons covering each other's back. You can trade, collect or craft Magic Cards. Acquire variety of tools, items and artifacts.

Of course some of this features are in development now, but be sure - all of those will be out pretty soon.

Later on you will be able to choose classes, schools and more.

Follow our Media if you don't want to miss your chance to become a part of the world we are creating absolutely free.

The Tavern of Magic is a mix of many different genres, such as CCG, Dungeon Crawler, Social, Arena and RPG developed by a small team from Russia for VR devices.

We refer to our game as early beta, and you already can try Duel mode with your friend and crawl through Dungeon alone or with group, but we need to move forward. Game grows constantly, so be sure to check in the Tavern once a while.

The Great War affected everyone: humans, dwarfs, orcs...

All of them trying their best to live a new life, but, undoubtedly, you can't build the ideal society on the ashes of their ancestors.

The ban on magic and poverty spurred people to participate in closed institutions, such as taverns, or to crawl into deep dungeons in search of lost riches.

This is gambling on the blade of the dagger.

More of it you will discover in Story Mode and at our Media.