1) How do I play this game? Is there a tutorial?

To learn basic mechanics of the Tavern, please read user guide that is available on Steam page and take a closer look at the widgets in the starting location. You may also do some practice on that dummy ahead. Full tutorial is on it's way!

2) I can't see other player's server!

It's OK, server needs a few seconds to appear on your list of servers. It can take up to 120 seconds if you are far away from each other. Meanwhile you may check if you are online and not in family mode in Steam. You may also need to reboot your Steam (not SteamVR), sorry for that, we'll fix it ASAP.

3) I have no one to play with, will I find something that's good for me?

Sure! First of all, join our Discord server to find people to play with. We have nice community there. Don't hesitate to ask for a Duel or Co-op. If you prefer playing alone - that's fine! Right now you can: a) try surviving Orcs Attack b) crawl alone thru Dungeon. More single play experience will come later this Fall.

4) How about some community activities?

Sure thing! The Tavern of Magic is heavily multiplayer oriented and community-driven. What does this mean? You can come up with Tournament ideas with other players at our Discord and just make it real while we are working on official Tournament support and Scoreboards.

5) What should I expect in future?

A LOT! We love this project as our child and we are not going to give up on it. We have a long road ahead but with you this path will be more fun! Our current plans for this Fall are: 1) better online 2) 2 vs 2 matches 3) better voice chat and voice chat options 4) more cards and mechanics 5) some single play experience 6) economics.

6) Steam trading will kill this game!

It won't. The Tavern is not F2P project, it's fully oriented on gameplay and interaction with the world. You will be able to craft any card that is on sale by yourself with no stressful grinding. Our primary monetization is the sell itself. All Steam trading does - it helps you to recover Game's price.