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Thank you for visiting the HHS tech tips website. Our goal is to provide HHS students and parents with important and helpful information regarding GMSD-issued devices and computer programs that students utilize in their courses. Check out the FAQ below or the pages linked in the menu above for more information.


What devices do HHS students receive in order to participate in blended learning?

All HHS students use Chromebooks in our 1:1 Blended Learning program. Seniors will swap out their Macbooks during the first week of school.

Are there rules and policies for the use of these devices?

Yes. Please check out the GMSD Blended Learning Manual, the GMSD Student Handbook, and the GMSD Blended Learning website for more information.

What online programs do parents and students need to be familiar with?

The three most important online programs are Skyward, Schoology, and Classlink.

Skyward (click for the link) is the website parents and students will use to check their schedule and grades. This is also where they will complete daily wellness checks for students who are attending classes on campus. The username for parents and students is firstname.lastname. For more Skyward tips, check out the Skyward Tips for Parents page on the GMSD Blended Learning website.

Schoology is the website students will use to access their courses online. Students login to their courses on Schoology at https://gmsd.schoology.com using their GMSD email and password. Parents login to view their student's account at https://app.schoology.com. For more information on setting up a parent account for Schoology, click here.

Classlink (click for the link) is a one-stop shop for many different apps and websites that HHS students will use for online learning. Students will login using their GMSD email and password.

Do HHS students have a GMSD email account?

Yes, all HHS students have a GMSD email address and associated account. Each student's email is firstname.lastname@students.gmsdk12.org. Each student's password is Gmsd + their 5-digit Other ID (e.g. Gmsd00123 if the student's Other ID in Skyward is 00123). If you don't know your student's Other ID, you can find it on Skyward by accessing the tabs as shown here. Students will need to check their email at https://mail.google.com or through the app in Classlink.

If students or parents have issues with logging into Skyward or Schoology, who should they contact?

HHS has a dedicated tech team onsite to support students' use of technology. Ellie Talley, our Instructional Tech Coach, is the point of contact for Skyward- and Schoology-related questions and she can be reached via email at danielle.talley@gmsdk12.org or by phone at (901) 757-6036.

If students have issues with assignments or activities in Schoology courses or other online materials, who should they contact?

Students should first reach out to their teacher for that class for assistance. From there, if the issue cannot be resolved, the teacher will contact the HHS tech team for guidance.

If students are having issues with their device, who should they contact?

Joe Dienye, our School Technology Support (STS), is the point of contact for problems with devices or installed software. He can be reached via email at joseph.dienye@gmsdk12.org or by phone at (901) 757-6028.

HHS Tech Team

Joe Dienye (901) 757-6028

School Technology Support joseph.dienye@gmsdk12.org

Ellie Talley (901) 757-6036

Instructional Technology Coach danielle.talley@gmsdk12.org

9755 Wolf River Blvd. | Germantown, TN 38139