HESI HP-A2 for Allied Health

This is exam is a requirement for admission for the following Allied Health Programs

Anesthesia Technology ▪ Cardiovascular Technology ▪ Dental Hygiene ▪ Medical Laboratory Technician ▪ Occupational Therapy Assistant ▪ Physical Therapist Assistant ▪ Radiography ▪ Respiratory Therapist ▪ Surgical Technology

HP A2 Exam Dates for Summer/Fall 2019

(Step 1: Reserve a seat Step 2: Register and purchase the exam)

Exams qualify for the August petition application window for programs starting in January 2020

Friday, May 31st at 8:30 am - Sold Out

Tuesday August 6th @ 1:00 pm - Reserve Seat

Thursday, August 8th @ 1:00 pm - Reserve Seat

Monday, August 12th @ 8:30 am - Reserve Seat

Wednesday, August 14th @ 8:30 am - Reserve Seat

Friday August 16th @ 8:30 am - Reserve Seat

Tuesday, August 20th @ 1:00 pm - Reserve Seat

Thursday, August 22nd @ 1:00 pm - Reserve Seat

How do I register and purchase my exam?

Go to Evolve.Elsevier.com to create an account and/or see video or printable instructions below. The exam payment code is #14542. Please ignore "second time tester", it refers to the exam version. This code is only good for May and August exam dates.

The cost of the exam is $42 and subject to change and availability.

See How to *register and purchase for the HESI HP-A2 Exam (Video).

Exam purchase code is #14542. Please ignore "second time tester", it refers to the exam version.

Optional : CLICK HERE for printable version

*If retaking the exam, you do not have to register for another account. Log into your Evolve account go to "Student Access" then payment tab & enter payment code

Where is the exam location?

Milwaukee Area Technical College Downtown Campus

700 West Highland Ave (H Building), Room H126

What are the content areas for my exam?

Each program requires only three of the HP-A2 exam modules. You are allotted 3 hours to complete.

See below modules (color) for your program CLICK TO PRINT OR VIEW EXAM DETAILS

What is required to be successful?

**The target composite score is 80%, but can you can petition with any score. If you achieve the composite score of 80% for your program you do not need to retake. Scores are automatically sent to MATC and saved in the system and can be used for later petition windows. Scores are available immediately after the completion of the exam, but detailed reports are available in 24 - 48 hours in your Evolve account.

**Radiography requires a minimal composite score of 80% and individual Anatomy/Physiology score of 80%

This exam is one of several criteria that are weighed in the Petitioning process.

See Petition Office page "How are petition applications reviewed?"

What do I bring on the day of the exam?

Come to the exam location at the

Milwaukee Downtown Campus, 700 West Highland Ave (H Building), Room H126

Please retrieve your Evolve username and password and bring a photo ID and a copy of your HESI exam purchase receipt (either paper or phone email) for check in

No phones, calculators or other electronics are allowed during the exam. If a short restroom break is permitted during the exam, students cannot bring any items with them and are not permitted to leave the building. Students can bring a covered beverage.

You are allotted three hours for the exam and can leave when finished

What are some study resources for the exam?

Not a current or active MATC student & need access to our Library Resources?

Do you offer Special Accommodation for the exam?

Special testing accommodations for students who have a documented disability are available through Student Accommodation Services.

To apply for accommodations and to make an appointment for testing with accommodations, you must call or email Heather Lorbiecki (414-297-6962, 414-297-6750, or Lorbiech@matc.edu) at least 2 weeks before the exam date.

Follow below procedure:

■ Call or email to set up an appointment to discuss accommodations

■ Complete a Test Accommodation Request Form and submit Documentation of Disability (if it is not already on file) to Student Accommodation Services.

■ Register and pay for the exam using that code

■ Provide a copy of the paid receipt for testing to Student Accommodation Services

■ On day of scheduled test, arrive at S215 at 8:30 am with picture ID. Test will begin at 9:00 am.

Can I take the exam at a distant location or in a different State?

We just initiated Distance Testing for those students who live out of state or near Madison, La Crosse, Green Bay or Wausau and want to take the exam at a testing location near their area. Contact Kevin Rutkowski for details and instructions on the process at Rutkowsk@matc.edu

What if I need to retake the exam?

The retake policy is 90 days to ensure that you remediate and make the necessary changes to become successful. Students are allowed three lifetime retakes and must pay for each exam attempt. The highest score is kept. Evolve provides remediation 24 - 48 hours following exam completion.

CLICK HERE to find out how to access your Evolve remediation

Can I submit my HESI HP -A2 Exam from another college?

Scores must be *sent by Evolve Elsevier

Please have vendors submit scores/transcripts to Rutkowsk@matc.edu. Please contact us to make sure we have your transcripts and email us with your date of birth or MATC Student ID#

*Students have the option of coming to the H126 in person and logging into their Evolve Elsevier account and presenting their score report. Email Rutkowsk@matc.edu to set up time.

Refunds and Rescheduling

The HP-A2 exam is available for refund or *transferring within 90 days of purchase. Contact Kevin Rutkowski at MatcHealth@gmail.com

If you just want to change your seat reservation contact Kevin. The Exam payment codes are specific for each petitioning window and can be used for any exam during the window.

Vendor for the exam is Evolve Elsevier. Customer contact is 1-800-222-9570.

*Transferring to a new date is only available if the exam is the same and there is no price change.

Can I use my HP A2 exam score to petition for different Allied Health program?

If you took the HP-A2 exam for a specific program and want to apply it toward a different Allied Health program, check first to see if the exam modules are the same. If not, the discretion and decision to accept the score or *consider the number of exam attempts are made by the Associate Dean of that program.

How often do you offer Exams? - When do you post the exam dates?

The majority of the exams are given on multiple dates in January and August during the program petition windows. An exam might be offered prior to winter and summer break or if a petition window is extended.

January exam dates are posted in mid October and August exam dates are posted in mid March.

When should I take my Exam?

We suggest that students allow at least 3 months to prepare for their exam. Ideally, prerequisite courses should be completed or you are entering the the final semester of prerequisites. Many students take the exam during their program's petition window, however students can take the exam earlier during a non petitioning window.

An example; someone wants to petition for the Physical Therapist Assistant program which has one petition window open per year during the month of August. Accepted applicants would start the program the following January. The student could take the exam during their petition month of August or the prior January (eight months earlier).

How is the Exam weighed in the Petitioning Process?

The exam is one requirement in the petition review process. For more details on the Petition Process, please see the Petition Office link.