CastleBranch Info

What is CastleBranch?

A secure website to manage three areas: Criminal Background checks, Drug Testing & Health Records (Medical Document Manager)

Why do I need to complete CastleBranch?

CastleBranch is needed to meet clinical agency requirements & enroll in your technical course classes.

What CastleBranch packages do I need to purchase?

If a student is interested in a Health Program, they initially purchase and complete a Criminal Background check (MM25) through MATC Admissions. The initial (MM25) through MATC Admissions covers two years.

If you have petitioned and been accepted into a program, the School of Health Sciences will provide you with the specific package code or codes to purchase your program's CastleBranch requirements: Criminal Background Check, Drug Testing and Health Requirements (Medical Document Manager). Purchases are made under "Place Order" in your CastleBranch account.​

What is required in CastleBranch & how often do I need to complete each requirement?

Students who have petitioned and been accepted into a Health Program will be notified by the School of Health Sciences to complete their remaining CastleBranch​ requirements. After you've purchased your requirements, CastleBranch will notify you via email when requirements are about to expire.

Health Requirements (Medical Document Manager) = varies by program

TB - yearly

Influenza - yearly

Drug Test - yearly

Criminal Background/BID - two years

CPR - two years (American Heart Association BLS Provider)

Physical - 3 years

Tentanus - 10 years

Hep B - Lifetime

MMR - Lifetime

CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant for Nursing Students Only) If Licensed, access your Wisconsin CNA license via and "Search Wisconsin Registry" by your Social Security Number. Otherwise you need to upload course completion documentation.

How do I log in to CastleBranch?

Students create their own login information using an email address. We recommend students use their MATC email address. Accounts are created when you place your first CastleBranch order. Generally, the first order will be your Criminal Background check using the code (MM25) through MATC Admissions. Go to and click “Place Order" with the code. You will be prompted to complete account information.

Upon returning to your created account you will "Sign In." If a student forgets to "Log Out" CastleBranch will automatically log off the account after a few minutes of inactivity.

Do you have an MATC background check within the last 2 years?

No = Purchase combined package with one code

Yes = Purchase individual Drug testing & Health Requirement (Medical Document Manager) with individual codes

Where do I find the documents I need to upload to CastleBranch?

The majority of documents are specific to each School of Health Science program. Go to the School of Health Science website & select your program , click “CastleBranch Requirements & Forms”

There are some exceptions and clarifications:

The Criminal Background check requires the completion of the (BID) Background Information Disclosure form. The form is located and available to download from your CastleBranch account AFTER you purchase the Criminal Background check. The form requires a hand signature, NOT electronic signature.

The (CBC) Criminal Background Check & Self Disclosure Verification Form. This form is located in your CastleBranch Medical Document Manager (Health Records) section . The form should be completed and uploaded AFTER you've received your Criminal Background results and uploaded your BID form. Results are found in your Castle Branch account.

The (VPO) Verification Petition Orientation form. This form is can be downloaded and completed from your Medical Document Manager (Health Records) section. It is one of the first deadline requirements after you purchase your Medical Document Manager.

Drug Test A downloadable registration form populates in CastleBranch after students purchase a drug test package. The student will bring the form with them to perform their drug test. The locations for drug testing will be on the registration form. Results are sent by the Drug Testing center to your CastleBranch account.

Drug Test Verification Form This form is found with the majority of your other health requirement forms under CastleBranch Requirement & Forms. It should be completed AFTER you receive your results from your Drug Test. Results are found in your Castle Branch account.

I have already completed the Health Requirements (Medical Document Manager)​

on CastleBranch for another MATC program. Do I have to purchase a new health requirements package?

If you have already completed CastleBranch requirements for another program at MATC, you can contact CastleBranch to change you to the new program. Ask them to “Matriculate” you to your new program.

​ You will need to re upload your health requirements for your new program.

Where can I go for more information?

CastleBranch: 1-888-723-4263 or chat (when available)

School of Health Science Petition Office: MATC Downtown Campus, 700 West Highland Ave, Room H118, 414-297-6088