School Profile

The school is located in Taitung City on Shanxi Road. It is a medium-sized school with 12 classrooms and one resource class for students with special needs. There are 274 students and 33 staff members. The school community is very diverse and consists of Taiwanese, Aboriginal, Hakka and a diverse group of students from families with new resident spouses. Though the socio-economic status is not considered high within the community, the family culture and schools have a very strong identity.

The school actively promotes teaching projects and the professional development of teachers. Since 1995, the school has participated in the Ministry of Education’s Teacher Professional Development Evaluation Program (the current group for the second year). The school has implemented a character education program which teaches the students of importance of moral values and education. As a result, the school won an award in 2008 from the Ministry of Education for being a top school in moral education. And in 2009, the school was named to Business Week’s Top 100 Primary Schools for schools that contain one, special characteristic of emphasis (character education). The school is well-known for its in-line skating program, as well. Consequently, in 2002, the school won the 24th Annual National Hockey Cup Championship. Reading and literacy education is also stressed at our school and we were awarded by the Ministry of Education for winning a reading project competition in 2008. Through the effectiveness of our Information Technology Education program, we were named to the Ministry of Education’s Teaching Innovation Application Team in 2013, 2014 ,2016 &2017. And in 2014, the school was selected as the National Information Pilot School, which is still in effect.