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The Foothills School Division continues to support the integration of technology for the purpose of engagement, support and success of our stakeholders. Bring Your Own Device is a policy that allows students to bring their own computing devices, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets and chromebooks to school for use on the school’s guest network at the discretion of each site administrator. Please review the vendor list/products provided and connect directly with each vendor for additional information about device/brand of choice. All purchases are completed directly between the vendor and families. Foothills School Division allows students who BYOD to connect to the ‘FSDGuest Network’ with wireless-enabled devices. Students must use their device appropriately and comply with divisional administrative procedures, AP 140 - Use of Information Technology and AP 144 - Responsible Use of Technology.

Please note all warranty and device support occur through the vendor as this is a private purchase.

FSD - Guest Network Connection - Only

Bring Your Own Device - Vendor Information - Explore Products and Pricing

Please note this website is not an endorsement of these products or vendors but for informational purposes only.

Check out local retail shops!

There are several vendors within the Foothills Community that sell compatable technology. We encourage you to support your local businesses.

Please connect with your school administration to determine how personal devices will be utilized by students at each participating site prior to buying.

Participating Schools: Westmount School, C. Ian McLaren, Millarville Community School, Ecole Senator Riley Middle School, Cameron Crossing, Spitzee Elementary School, Meadow Ridge School, Heritage Heights School, Red Deer Lake, Ecole Secondaire Highwood High School, Longview School, Ecole Percy Pegler School, Foothills Composite High School, Turner Valley School, Oilfields School, Dr. Morris Gibson, Cayley School, Blackie School, Spitzee Elementary School, Ecole Joe Clark School, and Big Rock.

Please Note: Students will continue to have access to devices within school to support their learning.

Although there is no requirement for students to bring their own devices, there are many benefits of doing so:

● Students are familiar and comfortable using their own technology so they can focus on learning rather than on learning how to use the device.

● Students demonstrate more confidence when their device is customized for their needs.

● Students are more likely to have remembered their personal devices than textbooks or notes.

● Students are more likely to continue learning outside of school and school hours.

● Students will be more organized with all their notes and assignments all in one place.

● Students take control of ensuring that their device is working, instilling a sense of responsibility.

Other Resources

Through Inspiring Education, Alberta Education has identified several policy shifts needed to support students to become engaged thinkers and ethical citizens, with an entrepreneurial spirit. One of those shifts requires students to use technology to support the creation and sharing of knowledge, as recognized in the Learning and Technology Policy Framework (2013).