Col. David J. Wright

Chancellor David J. Wright

His Excellency David J. Wright was commissioned as a goodwill ambassador with the rank of 'colonel' honorarily for the Commonwealth of Kentucky in 1996, worked for the Alcaldia of Caracas in 2002-2004 as an Ambassador-At-Large and became the Marshal of Globcal International in 2016. Ambassador Wright co-founded Globcal International in 2007 as the Model United Nations Social Network Embassy before reforming it in 2008 to become the international organization we know today.

His Excellency remains at the helm of command of the organization with his powers as executive director and field marshal despite giving up the presidency and moving the operations office to Ambassador Djordje Marinkovic more conveniently located in Budapest in driving distance to our office in Vienna, Austria to execute diplomatic portfolios and keep good offices.

30 Years Protecting the Environment

If you count his experience with Earth Day in 1990 and the work he performed saving chelonians with the Endangered Turtle Protection Foundation he has just over 30 years of credible experience and is responsible for literally 10 million of the trees that cover the landscape of North America.

South American Mission

Ambassador Wright always wanted to live in South America and began living there in 2004 full-time when he migrated to Venezuela. Today he lives and works in the Amazon in the Orinoco River watershed with indigenous natives of several tribes on conservation projects and socioeconomic development of cooperative business.

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