Citizenship Registry

International non-state registry of individual global citizens, travelers and expatriates.

International Citizenship Registry

The Global Citizenship Registry is a voluntary non-governmental non-state formation of natural persons registered together in a legal private commercial warrant (commission) to build a global non-state cooperative citizenship under international maritime admiralty law.

To register as a cosmopolitan, global, international, universal or world citizen you must have a valid passport from your own birth or residence nation (which simply states that you are a good person and free to travel), then simply complete the Global Citizenship Pledge and subsequently register for our global citizenship in an easy legal process online using your Google account and PayPal to make an international payment.

Registration does not guarantee or imply membership; but it does entitle registrants to participate in the building and development of their own blockchain based identification credential leading to recognition as a global citizen. The versatility and options available have propelled us to offer our project as one that can be widely adapted using open-source data systems that are reinforced by the blockchain.

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