Meena Persad

Ambassador Meena Persad

Goodwill Ambassador and Human Rights Advocate

Ambassador Meena Persad has been involved in the advocacy of human rights since she graduated from business school and took charge of an orphanage in Guyana in 2006. Ambassador Persad is also an author, in 2009 she released a children's book "Classic Bible Stories for Children" to raise funds for the orphanage in Guyana.

Her description on Amazon relative to her book reads, I have a BA in business administration, and I've always had a passion for writing. I love working with children to help them reach their highest potential. I support an orphanage in Guyana with 45 children and would like to help donate books to children in orphanages around the world, so that children can have a chance to educate themselves and to have a passion to serve God, for with him all things are possible. He is the ultimate provider. My proceeds will also help children wherever I can.

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