New ideals in citizenship and civic duty.


Neocitizenship is a 'new life' concept "in formation" involving a legal international citizenship for the 21st century, by any other name we might call it global, world or universal citizenship.

Our new ideal of citizenship is for anyone who may wish to travel, take possession of their destiny, become an expat, become a permanent traveler, anyone pursuing a life outside of their own country or a necessity to abandon their country. It may also be for anyone wishing to disconnect themselves from political or religious systems that they are not in agreement with.

At heart and through the law there are things you can do natural human being that are beyond the jurisdiction of your nation-state as long as you want them to be, neocitizenship is one of them.

No matter how we looked at it "new" citizenship is the only way we could describe how we can understand our existence as global citizens after leaving our birth-nation to become global citizens.

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