Djordje Marinkovic

Djordje Marinkovic is an entrepreneur, global citizen, humanist, basically incurable optimist and believes few inventions have caused as much pain and misery in the world as landmines. War is horrific and hellish in its own right, but when hostilities end, landmines remain in the fields and silently waits for their victims; in peace time their victims are mostly children.

Mine removal is a lengthy and expensive business. Weapons that cost as little as $3 each to manufacture can cost up to $1,000 to remove. Land-mines can be blithely spread at rates of over 1,000 per minute, but it may take a skilled expert an entire day just to clear by hand 20-50 square metres of mine-contaminated land.

Apart from his personal involvement with this cause (landmines killed or injured several friends of his), he devotes his time and effort to make the world a better, safer place for children; a world where we can all walk freely, everywhere, without fear of being killed by something left behind from some long forgotten war.

He has been involved with diplomacy from his early years. Being a child of a Diplomat, he knew his passion would be communication between peoples and cultures of different cultures and bridging their differences and understandings.

So far, he has lived in 14 different countries, which he considers to be one of his biggest assets. Everywhere he lived, he tried to learn about the differences and specificities of the culture of that particular country, as well as, the basics of the language. He presently speaks 7 languages and understand he basics of at least another 5.

As a citizen of the world, a true Global Citizen, who was initially born in the multicultural country of ex-Yugoslavia, he passionately fights against all means of violence and firmly believes that global peace is the only solution that can provide survival of our civilization. His present involvement as acting President of Globcal International is actually active promotion and widening of idea of borderless Global Citizenship as only true model for real humanism-oriented future.

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Even in his job as a financial consultant, he has always been led by a vision of ecologically sustainable development in all of his projects, which has involved 3 continents and 8 different countries and is a passionate follower of the Greenwill initiative for the bettering of our wonderful, green Planet.

His greatest passion presently is a fight for removal of the land mines in countries of former Yugoslavia, supporting efforts of many related organisations and boards. He is very proud of the results achieved so far of being involved either as a fundraiser, merely raising awareness, or as coordinator of cleaning of app. 246 sq km of contaminated land resulting in clearance and physical destruction of app 23.000 pcs of explosive devices on 4 Continents. His achievements are quite significant, but believes there is still so much to do and areas to clean up in regards to mines. He is doing his best and he will continue to work hard to give back the freedom of those who must still live in the landmine areas.

Djordje Marinković

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