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Globcal e³ (5G|IoT|ICO)

IoT Semantic Blockchain Registry: People, Places and Things!

The Fifth-Generation (5G) smart grid and the Internet of things (IoT) will soon dominate every aspect of our world as we know it. It is expected that within the next several years most everyone and everything will be connected to 5G and IoT through their favorite (essential) smart devices. Once implemented proponents say that corruption and crime will be reduced significantly and everything will become more efficient as we converge with access to the big data that is generated. To some it is viewed as extra layer of integrity, while others view it as an essential missing component of a global world, we view it as an opportunity for our members to use the blockchain to anchor down and irrefutably claim assets that belong to them. e³ is a brand (codename) expression of our unique adaptation of three general ledger blockchain registries that are relative to all members contractual relationships. (See Whitepaper)

The future belongs to those who plan for it! -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Now in 2018, Globcal International is accelerating the use of the blockchain and fintech for good by releasing a non-state cooperative free and fair trade international commerce platform specifically developed for native indigenous tribes to bring their agricultural and artisan products to global markets. The model project will be open-source using GitHub and GitBook by indigenous tribes and international participants around the world that join the cooperative or invest in our blockchain project. Our program will be formed from many integral independent modular components that can sustain themselves, like ecotourism and agroforestry for example which do not share any direct dependencies and are both capable of generating sustainable income streams while engaging many people in dignified productive activity breaking the poverty cycle in the smallest communities.

Each activity, person, place, program, project, object, mission or thing that can be identified semantically using data fields is placed on the blockchain through the generation of a mutually agreed contact directly between an empowered or authorized indigenous person and an international person from another country by virtue of their mutual membership in the cooperative. Transactions and delivery are assured through friendship, membership, statesmanship and the international laws that guarantee indigenous communities their basic rights. Each individual program element or module (block transaction) for its class or type has its own definition and in the case of programs it's own whitepaper, rules and/or impressum.

Indigenous Investment Bank

The startup phase will guarantee secure equitable investment blocks, token-based participation opportunities and a diverse range of unregulated interest-based supporting membership programs connected to international organizations, non-governmental organizations and law enforcement agencies to guarantee the indigenous peoples their rights (we help compel the law), while we ensure their prosperity. The Piaroa tribe (approximately 30,000 people) occupy a demarcated area about the size of Southern New Jersey, as an organized tribe under state law they are entitled and authorized to legal engage themselves with international entities just like any other corporate person (with the special exception that indigenous trade is exempt, unregulated, non-taxable and exonerated).

This base (practical) program is open to first-round angel investors to buy secure blocks and for token presale (reservation) clients at a minimal starting price equivalent to 1000 SFr (Swiss Francs) per mapped hectare of which is secured by a Swiss gold reserve of legally obtained and mined Amazon (Guayana) gold. The initial great block is approximately nine square kilometers making up 81 mapped 11.1 hectare conservatorships, each 11.1 hectare area has its own suppletory title deed. (See Whitepaper)

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

The beauty of the blockchain is that it can be used in many practical ways, this use is to create recognition for actions and protect people, places and things. The result of our project will bring prosperity to native indigenous people who are entitled to their sovereignty and self-determination while it brings natural capital (ecosystem services), ecological tourism opportunities and cooperative availability of artisan, agricultural and cottage-industry production to global markets.

Indigenous Ecological Register

Starting with an area that measures 33.3 kilometers square (1,000 square kilometers) the Piaroa tribe is dividing into nearly 100,000 tracts (blocks) each measuring 333 meters square or 11.1 hectares (27.4 acres) for the express purpose of provisioning ecosystem services, sequestering carbon, enhancing native forests, preserving biodiversity, creating local sustainable socioeconomic integrity and engaging the tribe's collective assets (and production) under private international law governed by admiralty law and the Hague Convention. (See Whitepaper)

Essentially our role will be that of their protector in state and international facilitator, which has thus far involved adapting technology, developing their blockchain, creating transparency, enforcing integrity, understanding international law and guaranteeing them access to international cooperative markets. If someone becomes envious of their advancement and empowerment international partners will be called on to protect the relations.

Indigenous Cooperative Production

A fringe benefit to investors and a principle interest of the indigenous tribe is facilitating international commerce of their regional cooperative production which is currently being wasted because most tribes are restricted to use the local market economies to liquidate high-value low-demand products like coffee, chocolate, cupuaçu, acai, anon, ackee, physalis, guarana, jabuticaba, mangosteen, cherimoya, aguaje, monstera, passiflora, pepino, soursop, cashew and more than 20 more lesser known nuts and superfruits. With the guarantee of exporting processed, semi-processed and dehydrated produce they will earn from three to twenty times (3x-20x) as much from their harvests and forest gathering activities compared to the local market value. (See Whitepaper)

Globcal International has identified over 100 additional products that indigenous communities have overlooked as potential cooperative income sources which have little local value but are in demand globally, so we are helping them get to the global marketplace like ornamental seed jewelry, weaving grasses, medicinal plants, mineral-rich clay, hand-made hammocks, hand-crafted baskets, shamanic preparations, and Fair-Wild medicinal honey.

Long Term Investment

Blockchain contracts to have fruition need to complete a contractual life-cycle, so based on the natural life-cycle of trees reaching maturity we set our investment banking blockchain to reach maturity (becomes sustainable - maintenance free) by its 13th year, which also currently coincides with the term in which our project is proven, and is implicitly backed as part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Agenda for 2030. (See Whitepaper)