Ekōbius International

Ecological Village, Cultural Exchange and Natural History

Discover the Highlands of the Amazon

Ekōbius (eek-oh bee us) is a sustainable development cooperative, intentional community, ecovillage and survival training center promoting simple living, self-sufficiency, permaculture, ecosystem restoration, reforestation, agroforestry, biodiversity and indigenous self-determination. We began a new of community development interest program for 2017-2018, we offer a campground and lodge for visitors and new members.

Our organization is a non-religious, non-governmental, non-state and non-political cooperative foundation of independent stakeholders active in protecting the rights of native indigenous peoples and living in balance with nature while specializing in non-wood forest production of coffee, chocolate, cupuaçu, liquors, medicinal extracts, essential oils and traditional plant medicine.

Our property is ideal for a wide variety of uses especially ecological development projects all members are collective owners and investors. We began an agroforestry program recently that involves ethnobotanicals and a natural zone arboretum.

Located at the End of the Road in Venezuela

We are geographically the last non-indigenous owned property before entering the Amazonian wilderness. We are very easy to get to and located just 500 meters from the end of the most remote paved highway in the country. From our village going north, east or south there are no roads at all for over 500 kilometers. Our property on the map is located near upper western side of the largest natural geographical biodiversity region on the globe, only Russia's Siberia, Northern Alaska, and part of North-central Canada come close to being compared as a similar geographic dominion.

Visitors can plan and coordinate activities as well as use our village for research expeditions. We offer camping, hammocks, and a hostel room for visitors starting at $13 per day including two traditional basic meals. We have our own non-state indigenous guides that are willing to provide trail blazing, porter and trekking experience for less than $30 per day for three guides (including food and porters) to nearly any remote natural monument or biosphere area for students and researchers.

Through WorkAway, HelpX, Patreon, GivingWay and several others we offer special complete programs involving work exchange (4 hours daily) for volunteers and offer low-priced researcher visits including food and amenities. All volunteers and program participants must register as global non-state citizens online or sign a hold-harmless waiver upon arrival. We have two members that are medical professionals (one doctor and a paramedic) in the event of emergency.

A Working Cooperative

Ekōbius is a working cooperative and functions as an active community partner with local indigenous villages where community members participate in coordinated harvest standardization and centralized processing of particular superfoods, cacao, coffee, medicinal plants and non-wood forest products. Indigenous cooperators are fully compensated and sustained for their peerage and production under free and fair-trade standards.