Kentucky Colonels International

International Goodwill Ambassadors

Protagonists of Culture and Tradition

Kentucky Colonels International

Kentucky Colonels International was started in 1999 by Col. David Wright with several other Kentucky Colonels to extend goodwill and project fellowships internationally between the Commonwealth of Kentucky and other nation-states around the world with the special focus of colonels being legally designated as goodwill ambassadors and representatives of traditional Kentucky and American values.

To become a member in our international fellowship a person must already behold a commission as a Kentucky Colonel and make a declaration of their deed for which they received their title. Currently we request a 27 Euro lifetime registration fee for colonels to register their title internationally with apostilles, otherwise there are currently no membership fees in the voluntary order.

In 2007 the group began its development in the social media on Facebook evolving to our current presence to pull together interested members in an association internationally to promote like-minded ideals and values that are common and understood among so many. By 2009 we had 500 members living outside Kentucky with nearly 30% living overseas in our social media circles.

New Ideals

Now today in 2017 we are preparing a new membership commission based on a fellowship of thirteen distinguished colonels from nations around the world to establish a new progressive, fraternal and liberal order for Kentucky Colonels that is operated based on member participation.

KCI is not the HOKC

Kentucky Colonels International (KCI) is not the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels (HOKC), however all of our members have been recognized as members of the Honorable Order at one time or another as active supporters or members of their charitable institution. The HOKC is a private non-profit organization and registered charity in Kentucky, it is not a state operated institution nor do the members have any voting powers or influence over the organization.

Kentucky Colonels International is an unincorporated non-governmental and non-state fellowship association made up of Kentucky Colonels who have been nominated and awarded the 'Honorable' title for a notable deed or participation in a newsworthy event deserving the title. The new formation we are developing involves member participation as stakeholders therefore there will be membership fees and accountability to our supporters. Membership fees will be used to provide membership services.

Header photo credit: Connersville News Examiner; October 23, 2012, "Reporter becomes a Kentucky Colonel" by Bob Hansen