Coca Leaf Tea

Medicinal Panacea of the Gods

The truth about the powerful medicinal properties of the natural coca leaf and its complex combination of alkaloids. Naturally brewed, fermentation process and tea extraction.


The coca leaf has been used as medicine in its natural form for at least 6000 years, it was also one of the first internationally traded commodities among indigenous nations before the emergence of Catholic and European imperialism. It is well-known among the indigenous peoples that the coca leaf has the power to combat, prevent and cure more than a dozen major illnesses and debilitating health conditions including hypertension, anemia, diabetes, low blood pressure, and according to Pope Francis is good for altitude sickness too (2016).

Currently Bolivia is the only nation where the coca leaf is legal as a commodity, however since Bolivia is a landlocked nation and has no access to the sea it cannot be a member of the Hague Convention or take advantage the maritime laws, moreover because the coca leaf is illegal in all other nations based on international law and many nations prohibit the leaf because it being the source of narcotics like cocaine hydrochloride, cocaine sulfate and cocaine nitrate.

In Peru the coca leaf is legal among only indigenous peoples it is used in food, it is not legal for exportation or commercial production, cultivation of coca is very illegal in Peru, except that is for producing coca leaves for the Stepan Company who makes the extract for the Coca-Cola Company.

In Colombia the Stepan Company has a facility in Manizales that is involved in coca alkaloid extraction. The alkaloids in the extract are numerous more than 17 have been identified with great medicinal value. There are a number of alkaloids that cannot be found in any other plant (leaf) in the most notable is cocaine, however there are several others of great medicinal value that are normally discarded in the process that extracts the alkaloid base from the leaf.

These additional beneficial alkaloids can only be utilized from products using the entire natural leaf. Our effort here is to promote the use of coca leaf tea and other whole natural coca leaf products including liquor, wine, antibacterial soap and toothpaste.

There are many challenges we face as a company, we can however attest to being highly qualified experts and authorities on coca tea and other coca based products because the protagonist of our offshore endeavor is a recognized environmentalist, goodwill ambassador and Kentucky colonel that personally developed, produced and prepared coca tea legally and publicly for over five years. During which time he conducted a study of health claims among his consumers, his research revealed that the people who consumed his tea were both healthier and that their ailments and conditions became less severe or non-existent.

Being capable of doing business internationally and sharing the benefits of the coca leaf with everyone is the greatest challenge we face because there are so many huge corporations that would lose billions if people had the Colonel's coca tea as available to them as there is English tea.

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