Karen Cantrell

Ambassador Col. Karen Cantrell (Princess Karen S. Cantrell)

During our implementation phase please visit Her Excellency's personal website karencantrell.com

Goodwill Ambassador, Global Citizen, Humanitarian

Ambassador Karen Cantrell is one of several founding members of Globcal International, she is the Vice-Chancellor of Globcal International and is one of thirteen international high-commissioners.

Her Excellency is the founder and chairperson of the California Royal Society of St. George, she is vice-president of the United Nations Association of the Inland Empire and operates the Fashion House (LadyGolf.com) located in the Palm Springs area.

Ambassador Cantrell has been an active member and key official of Globcal International who has worked with us since we began in 2009.

Lady of Many Hats

Her Excellency is involved as a trustee for the St. Lazarus Fund and is an avid philanthropist who contributes primarily to social causes and those involving animal rights. She work locally as an animal shelter volunteer from time to time.

She is a Kentucky Colonel and has also been recognized as a goodwill ambassador in other states that she has visited.

The ambassador researched her family history and discovered she is a descendant of several royal houses from England and has been presented and received with notable international accolades by a number of kingdoms.

Social Media Real World Advocate

When Ambassador Cantrell began with Globcal International in 2009, she joined to promote goodwill and international cultural exchange in the social media using Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networks as social media changed so did the grassroots diplomacy efforts they developed.

She soon found herself in 2013 with Col. David J. Wright one of the original founders, reorganizing Globcal International from an LLC in Washington, DC into an unincorporated international charitable trust foundation in Belize, which is now becoming known for its expert focus on sustainable rural human habitat, indigenous peoples, biodiversity, ecosystem services, endangered species, effectively deterring climate change and of course goodwill diplomacy.

The results of her reformation and reorganization with Col. Wright and other authors is effectively considered a 'decentralized' autonomous organization (DAO) today that is independent of state or corporate control as an international foundation which is most practically understood as a 'ship at sea' a ship bearing the presents of goodwill!

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