Belize International

Cooperatively owned, offshore, non-state international foundation serving the jurisdictional blockchain needs of diplomats, indigenous peoples, non-governmental organizations, civil service officers, and world citizens by providing legal personality through active stakeholderships governed under the laws of the sea, private law and a conflict of laws.

Belize International Foundation

Our Belize International Foundation is an offshore cooperative trust founded by Globcal International developed to maintain non-state international legal personality as an engaged player of an organization operating within the international theater. The foundation is the keystone of our formation, serves international investors with blockchain integrity and is the basis for our existence as a non-state organization operating within other countries. As a cooperative foundation we adhere to the seven cooperative principles so members can establish life estates, form offshore corporations, initiate family trust funds and set up private foundations.

Private Sector Cooperative Ecological Trust

Globcal International chose Belize for many reasons, but most importantly because it accords to and follows the same convenient well-known international laws that govern global commerce and maritime admiralty, the same laws we adhere to as diplomats, expatriates, global citizens and non-state actors engaged in benevolent work as ambassadors, civil service officers and international cooperation advocates.

The foundation of our organization is based on cooperative trust banking using of blockchain to operate an offshore banking ledger to guarantee our capital subjects, land owners, investors and other parties international practical contract delivery integrity using active (live) technology to provide ecosystem services globally.