School Events

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Project Learning Garden Grant

Magnet students were fortunate enough to receive this grant sponsored by Dole and the Captain Planet Foundation. Teams of students worked on assembling garden beds, dispersing soil, and planting herbs and flowers for our new school garden! We are excited to see how the students further develop and sustain their new found learning space.

National Magnet Day

February is National Magnet Month! Our school celebrated being a Magnet school on February 27. The day was filled with a variety of magnet-related activities for students, staff, and family members to enjoy!

Students in grades PK-2 participated in an African Drum Cafe performance with Midori & Friends.

Kindergarten hosted a multicultural celebration with families.

3rd graders had a STEM build competition!

4th & 5th graders worked with our partners from NYIT on different STEM activities.

Middle School students used Code to create their own video games with our partners from Bricks 4 Kidz.

Leader of the Month

Each month a student from each class is selected as the Leader of the Month based on one of the 7 Habits: Be Proactive, Begin with the End in Mind, Put First Things Fist, Think Win Win, Seek First to Understand Then to Be Understood, Synergize, and Sharpen the Saw. Students are celebrated each month with a schoolwide assembly to recognize their leadership skills.

Leader Readers

One of the middle school Leader of the Month's role is to visit their elementary grade Buddy Class and either read them a story or do a fun activity of their choice with them. The students are all loving this special bonding time!

Poetry Winners

Mr McAuliffe joined 20 contest winners in a Poetry Reading at the Pomonok Senior Center. Students in all grades were able to submit poems as a way to celebrate Black History Month.

6th Grade Science Fair

6th graders enjoyed the competition at this year's Science Fair. Students worked diligently on their projects and presentations. Congratulations to those winners and a job well done to all!

The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus

The Educational Tour Bus visited our school for its fourth time. Students had the opportunity to tour the bus, a mobile recording studio, and explore musical instruments and recording equipment. Additionally, Mr McAuliffe traveled to City Hall with 20 students for the Come Together NYC event. They joined Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono, and Mayor De Blasio in singing "Imagine" and "Give Peace a Chance.

Students Adopt a Garden

PK students paired up with their 7th grade buddies to begin the beautification process of our adopted garden, Emerald Playground. Students worked together to clean up the area in preparation for planting, decorate materials to be on display in the garden, and then worked with the NYC Parks Department representatives to learn how to plant a garden.

Greenkill Outdoor

Education & Retreat Center

7th graders traveled to upstate NY for a full day retreat that focused on team building and character building through various challenges and obstacles. Students engaged in activities that encouraged and strengthened communication and leadership skills as well as support for their peers. This retreat directly supports our schoolwide theme of tolerance, diversity, and leadership.

Global Art Exchange

Students in grade 5 participated in a Global Art Exchange program where students exchange art from around the world. Check out some of the art work the students created. We are excited to see where we receive art from!


Hosted by PS 201- The Discovery School for Inquiry & Research: STEAM Magnet School in conjunction with Greenlight For Girls (G4G)

G4G is an international organization dedicated to inspiring girls of all ages and backgrounds to pursue STEM subjects by introducing them to the world of science, technology, engineering, and math in fun and exciting ways.

Our signature one‐day girl‐focused event demonstrates the fun in science through hands‐on workshops and activities run by volunteer role models in STEM fields. These are events open to the local community and brings 200+ attendees with up to 100 volunteers/workshop leaders per event. We organize these events in 5 continents across the globe.

(Check them out at


As a way to teach students that we are all contributing global citizens, PS/MS 200 students often host school-wide events to raise money for those less fortunate. Big thanks to Ms. Shmuel, Mrs. Pesale, & Mrs. Frawley who often assists students in organizing fundraisers for various causes.

Pennies for Patients kickoff assembly

1st graders earned the Hero to Animals Award from TeachKind for their humane efforts in raising almost $1,000 for their adopted rescue elephant, Minnie.

A middle school student hand delivered a letter to Bon Bon Bakery thanking them for their generous donation for our first fundraiser of the school year.

Hero Squad.pdf

Bake Sale for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Bake Sale for Water for South Sudan

7th grade students raised over $700 toward their trip to Greenkill Outdoor Education Center and the Honor Roll Luncheon!

Students raised $500 for the Basketball Buddy program which pairs teens and college age students from the Queens community with kids with autism and special needs. The children take part in a great opportunity to learn fundamental basketball skills and make new friends!

Middle School students held a walkathon to raise money for both Water for South Sudan and Food Bank of Eastern Michigan. Students raised over $1,500.00 for these causes.

Beautiful Me

Beautiful Me is a unique program designed to educate females by promoting appreciation of their genuine qualities and to increase positive body awareness, improve problem solving skills, and to help build healthy friendship skills. All lessons are designed to teach girls of all ages how to think positively and with assurance about their bodies, their skills, and their relationships with others. This program was offered to all of our 8th grade girls.

Music of the Earth Assembly

Students in grades K-8 experienced various sounds, rhythms, and instruments from around the world!