Fourth Grade

Mrs. Wittig (4-212):

Mrs. Popp (4-212):

Mrs. Zuppani (4-214):

Monthly Newsletter

Grade Events

Here are a few pictures of both classes filtering "hazards" from water. Each group had the task of building a filter with limited materials. Their ultimate goal was to separate the 'hazard' from the water in the hopes of being drinkable.

Here is the redesign of a filter to clean hazards from water. This rebuild shows the filter layers that the class came up with. (Plus they filtered the water a few times to get to almost drinkable.)

City Lore Dance Residency

Take a look at Class 4-214 participating in authentic Indian Dance that they learned with City Lore. They did a wonderful job!

Here are some pictures of Class 4-214 trying out Lego Robotics!