Build your new REality: Global Edition is a self-guided online 10-week course that goes beyond other traditional online courses. This dynamic and comprehensive program is designed exclusively for real estate professionals seeking to expand their careers into the exciting world of international real estate. Through expert-led instruction, interactive live experiences with industry experts, and real-life case studies, participants deeply understand the global market, cross-cultural business practices, industry frameworks, and investment strategies. This transformative course equips real estate professionals with the tools and insights to confidently navigate international transactions, forge valuable connections across borders, and unlock new opportunities in global real estate.

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Sound Familiar?

Are you passionate about a career in real estate? But tired of the uncertainty of where your next commission will come from? We get it.

Or maybe you have conquered your local market, and are now looking for a new and exhilarating way to grow your business exponentially? We've been there, too.

Let's be honest: the real estate industry can often feel like a never- ending race, with its feast or famine nature,  and the unpredictable ups and downs that many agents face.  But here's the truth:  the most successful agents who consistently rake in beaucoup dollars ( see what we did there? ) and never have to worry where their next check is coming from have a multitude of reasons for their success. And it's not simply because they work harder or longer hours than you. This is where diversification comes in. In almost every aspect of life, diversification is seen as a valuable strategy and can completely revolutionize how you perceive, value, and grow your real estate business .The possibilities are endless.

Now, let's talk about the allure of global real estate. It has captivated the imaginations of many, but surprisingly, there are numerous agents who have never even considered it as an option. Even those who frequently boast about being #globalrealestateadvisors and experts in international markets often do very little when it comes to actual global business. They may have impressive designations, certifications, and have attended countless classes and conferences. They might have invested significant sums of money in joining international associations and going on trade missions. But the revenue generated from these activities rarely, if ever, matches or exceeds the expenses paid. It's like attending class after class and ending up with no clear direction or starting point. If all you've gained from a trade mission are some great Instagram photos, it's definitely time to try something different.

That's where our meticulously curated course Build Your New REality : Global Edition comes in. Over the past four years, we have developed a specifically designed comprehensive guide  to help you establish and expand your global real estate business.  If you've never considered the possibility of building a viable global business or if you've been stuck in non-income producing, mediocre methods, it's time for a change. This course, along with its compatible offerings upon completion, can transform your outlook on international real estate and elevate your entire business to new heights. Most importantly, you'll learn everything you need to get started on your global journey. As a reminder, this course is only offered at limited times during the year, and is a prerequisite for joining us for auxiliary programs including our Agents Abroad - REal Tours.  Be sure to sign up today. Let's do this!

Course Description 

Build Your New REality: Global Edition | is a self-guided, online 10-week course that goes beyond other traditional online courses. This dynamic and comprehensive program is designed exclusively for real estate professionals seeking to expand their careers into the exciting world of international real estate. Through expert-led instruction, interactive live experiences with industry experts, and real-life case studies, participants gain a deep understanding of the global market, cross-cultural business practices, industry frameworks, and investment strategies. This transformative course equips real estate professionals with the tools and insights needed to confidently navigate international transactions, forge valuable connections across borders, and unlock a world of new opportunities in the realm of global real estate.

What you'll learn:

The Your New REality: Global Edition course will take you through all the building blocks of international real estate and includes the following modules:

Defining Global.  Uncover the magic of 'global' in the context of real estate, where culture, borders, and opportunity intertwine. You'll bridge the gap and redefine what it means to be a global real estate expert.

First Things, First.  Buckle up for a global real estate adventure! Begin your journey in international real estate by gaining a solid foundation through comprehensive education and research. Dive into the world of global transactions with a crash course in trends, laws, and cultural tidbits. Get ready to rock the global market with your newfound wisdom!

Creating a Niche.   Unleash your inner real estate guru and find your niche sweet spot. Learn how to carve out a specialization that is authentic to you by discovering your unique strengths and passions within international real estate. Whether it's luxury beach fronts or charming London flats, make your mark and stand out like a unicorn in a field of horses.

Establish Targeted Relationships.  Think of it as building your "Power Squad" – by identifying and establishing relationships with real estate wizards, financial titans, and other superheroes.  Key connectors are the ultimate traffic directors, orchestrating a parade of potential buyers and investors to your door.  

Be Prepared.  Build a Team and Protocols. The Mission? Curate a crew of extraordinary minds and reliable local maestros. Plus, lock in your success with fail-proof protocols that make running the show a breeze and dazzle your clients with service that's out of this world and enhances your credibility in the global real estate arena.

Effective Marketing.  It is time to show off your skills with captivating content and a compelling online and offline presence that highlights your expertise in international real estate. Get ready to shine like a supernova in the real estate galaxy! 

Referral Savviness.  Master the Art of International Introductions! Level up your networking game and become the go-to for referrals across borders. Transform yourself into the ultimate matchmaker by orchestrating property partnerships worldwide, introducing clients and colleagues to international real estate opportunities that'll make jaws drop, and high-fives fly!

Inbound vs. Outbound.  Imagine being the international real estate gatekeeper, welcoming curious clients seeking both the thrill of inbound opportunities and the allure of outbound investments. With a touch of expertise and a sprinkle of charm, you'll guide them through the intricate paths of global property possibilities.

To Consult or Not to Consult?   Dive into the benefits and potential drawbacks of becoming the ultimate advisor for your clients while determining if your expertise can provide additional value beyond traditional real estate services. Will you choose the consultant path? 

Where in the World and Why?  Grab your virtual passport, and let's globe-trot together! Unravel the mysteries of global markets, from investment hotspots to dreamy second-home havens and pathways to citizenship. Understand the factors driving demand and the specific benefits each location offers. Who knew real estate could be this jet-setting?  

Cultural Nuances.   How to gain insight and respect the cultural differences in negotiation styles, business practices, and communication to build lasting relationships with clients from around the world.

Stop Talking: Start Doing.  Turn all your smarts into an action-packed (and money-making) reality as you guide clients towards their international real estate triumphs. No more talk – It's time to make those international dreams a reality.  We'll be your high-fiving partners in making it happen by sharing all the little things that we learned along the way.

PLUS, You'll be invited to a private Facebook group with the following...

🎉  Weekly Power Hours with Dee Dee and Kellee! 🎙️ Your chance to grill us with all your burning questions after each week's modules with your mind-boggling follow-up questions!

🚀 Bullseye Guidance and High-Five Feedback from none other than Dee Dee and Kellee themselves! 🎯🙌

🌎 Live Chats with the Coolest Global Geniuses! Tune in to interviews with jet-setting practitioners who've cracked the code of global success!

🤩 Dive into a Goldmine of Ideas: Join forces with your fellow future global gurus and actively learn from the questions, insights, and genius notions of others!

👯‍♀️ Buddies in Success: Lock arms with your accountability partners and ultimate "hype girls"  to kickstart your global domination and unlock boundless real estate possibilities!

🎧 Tune in to "The REal-ty with Dee Dee and Kellee" Podcast - served piping hot the moment it's brewed! ☕🎧

Additional Bonuses:

A step-by-step guide to creating your Global Marketing Package, which includes selected examples of our most requested documents. A must-have for anyone launching into global real estate! 

**This guide alone is valued at $599.00



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About Your Instructors

Introducing the Dynamic Duo: 

Dee Dee Ohara-Blizard and Kellee Buhler,  Co-founders of Global Girls Collaboration

Dee Dee and Kellee, two remarkable visionaries, have joined forces to create Global Girls Collaboration, an exceptional platform dedicated to empowering individuals seeking to advance their careers in real estate. Their mission is to curate a selection of meticulously crafted online courses and captivating live experiences under the transformative umbrella of the Build Your New REality series.

With their unwavering commitment to excellence, Dee Dee and Kellee are set to revolutionize the realm of real estate education. Their curated selection of courses offers a comprehensive learning experience, covering a wide range of topics essential for professional growth in the industry.  Their foundational course,  From Stress to Success - The Building Blocks to a Thriving Career in Real Estate, along with the much anticipated Build Your New REality: Global Edition, a comprehensive program designed exclusively for real estate professionals seeking to expand their career into the exciting world of international real estate, were both developed in response to overwhelming demand and numerous requests.

Understanding the power of immersive learning, they go beyond traditional online courses. Through captivating live experiences, they create a dynamic environment where participants can engage with industry experts, exchange ideas, and gain valuable insights. These experiences foster collaboration, networking, and the cultivation of meaningful connections, ensuring a holistic and enriching journey.

With Global Girls Collaboration and the Build Your New REality series, Dee Dee and Kellee are ushering in a new era of real estate education. Their vision, expertise, and commitment to fostering professional growth are set to transform careers and redefine success in the dynamic world of real estate. Join them on this exciting journey of knowledge, collaboration, and personal transformation.

Just two girls on a mission to transform your real estate business and your life! 


Top 3 Reasons
Why You Should Venture Into The Global Arena 

Increased Revenue Potential and Opportunities

The global real estate market presents a vast landscape of untapped potential. By expanding into global markets, you open yourself up to a much larger pool of buyers, sellers, and investors. This increased market size can lead to higher transaction volumes and greater opportunities for generating substantial revenue. Additionally, certain global markets often have higher-value properties and luxury segments, which can result in higher commission rates and larger profit margins for real estate professionals.

Diversification and
Risk Mitigation

Diversification is not only valuable in investment portfolios but also in business strategies. Expanding into global real estate allows you to diversify your client base, property types, and market exposure. By diversifying geographically, you can reduce your dependency on a single market and spread your risk across different regions. This can help safeguard your business against localized market downturns or economic fluctuations in a particular country or region. By having a global footprint, you can better weather market volatility and maintain a stable income stream.

Professional Growth and Global Networking 

Venturing into global real estate provides immense opportunities for professional growth and expanding your network. Working with international clients and counterparts exposes you to diverse cultures, business practices, and perspectives. This exposure can enhance your skill set, broaden your knowledge base, and increase your adaptability as a real estate professional. Moreover, building a global network of contacts, both within the real estate industry and related sectors, can open doors to new business collaborations, partnerships, and referral opportunities. It allows you to tap into a global community of professionals and leverage their expertise and resources for mutual benefit.

Testimonials |  Just A Few Of Our Amazing Graduates!

Don't Just Take Our Word For It; 

Listen to What Our Graduates Say...

This course is simply AMAZING!  I learned that there are levels to this. Global is NOT global until you can DO global! 
Every module is strategically placed to invoke thought, so much so that it enhanced my vision within my local business.  
It's so fun, overwhelming, informative, engaging ... everything I didn't expect and never knew I needed in a course and worth every dime!  
Kellee and Dee Dee give raw real estate 101 and I wouldn't want it any other way.  How grateful and blessed I am for these two ladies! I LOVE them!
 — Rochelle Hobbs, REALTOR®|         Keller Williams | Greenville | NC
“I recently was lucky enough to do a zoom masterclass with two of the sharpest ladies I’ve met in quite a while. Dee Dee Ohara Blizard and Kellee Buhler.  These ladies are the real deal, globetrotting deal writing trailblazers.
I’d gotten my CIPS in 2023 and was wondering what my next move should be.  I was sold after the Zoom I didn’t even think about it.  When the Zoom was over, I signed up. Best decision I made all year.
I now understand what it really takes to be a global practitioner and the steps I need to take to be successful. I can honestly say I don’t know if I would have figured it out on my own and if I had it would have taken a very long time and I would have surely suffered some loses in the process.
These ladies have years of experience and they don’t hold back on sharing their knowledge.  No fluff here. This class is a must if you really want to DO GLOBAL.” 
— Tina Guy-Skoller, CIPS, REALTOR® |      REMAX CityView | Chicago, IL
“What you guys are doing is amazing and positive! The energy in the group is fantastic and we are only on Zoom calls! 
On the CIPS side - you guys take the designation of CIPS to CIP-YES, 100%. 
Not only do you give the group knowledge and perspective on how to explore and expand into Global Real Estate, you give a platform for us to collaborate and have conversations on the many intricacies of this aspect of the Real Estate Industry, with the idea to make money while doing it! “
 — Jacqueline Bricker, CIPS | RSPS | MRP |          SFR | eXp Realty | Stuart | FL
Global Girls has not only opened doors for opportunities that I never fathomed in the world of global real estate, but it has also equipped me with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to walk through those doors with a smile. 
The content and education provided in your program have not just met my expectations; they have superseded them in every way. The comprehensive curriculum, expert guidance, and practical insights have been instrumental in broadening my horizons and enhancing my capabilities as a real estate professional. I have learned invaluable lessons that extend far beyond the classroom and have truly been a game-changer for my career.
What makes Global Girls exceptional is not only the quality of the material but the honesty and passion with which it is delivered. Your team's dedication to ensuring that each of us succeeds in the global market is truly commendable. The unwavering support, encouragement, and mentorship I have received have been pivotal in my growth, and I genuinely appreciate the personalized attention and care that you provide to every student.
 —Tiki Williams, MAOL, ABR, NHC, SSF,       REALTOR® | TDRealty | Spring, TX

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While the Course aims to provide valuable and accurate information about global real estate, Global Girls Collaboration cannot guarantee success in real estate ventures based on this information. Success in real estate involves many factors beyond the scope of the Course and can be influenced by a range of market, personal, and external factors.

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, in no event shall Global Girls Collaboration be liable for any indirect, punitive, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages, including without limitation, damages for loss of profits, goodwill, use, data or other intangible losses, arising out of or relating to the use of, or inability to use, the Course.

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You may not cancel or avoid these payments except through the Refund Policy. If any payment is not made, the Company shall immediately suspend your access to the Program and any bonuses, including loss of access and registration for the course.

We value your commitment to learning and want to ensure you have a positive experience with us. If you have any questions or need further assistance regarding our refund policy, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly support team.

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