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Co-creating leaders. Experiential learning. Global perspectives.

Global Leadership Training and Development specializes in international business (careers, partnerships, etc.) development, headquartered in São Paulo, Brasil. Global is extraordinarily well connected to leaders in the public and private sectors and with NGOs. Through such services as international career transition and development, professional leadership and learning organization training and development, innovative and breakthrough problem solving, sustainability and internationalization, Global helps its clients to develop international business opportunities sustainably in Brasil and around the world.


In today's world, myriad factors combine to make the global environment more complicated and difficult to navigate.

Only with an international perspective and deeper understanding of the interconnections that exist between industries, regions and other systemic issues can leaders shape a better future. Having a better developed cross-cultural understanding will allow for a shared vision for how to accept, embrace and ride the waves of continual change, empowering widespread action and enabling mutual benefits to occur.

We help prepare leaders to develop interdisciplinary insights into the complexities and opportunities of business, government, civil society and academia within a global context.

We prepare individuals to become more curious, collaborative and to think more critically. Our proven experiential, cooperative and individual learning programs build the courage, commitment and ability to articulate, manage, lead and take the necessary initiatives to realize the changes the world needs.

Combined with your on-the-job experience, Global offers an innovative learning curriculum, personalized coaching and mentoring and access to an extensive global network.

If you have the drive to succeed and grow intellectually and emotionally, are characterized by a strong will and ready to be a proactive contributor and actively engaged in your own life management, then you are ready to work with Global.

Global offers solutions in the following categories

Using the proven WIAL Action Learning methodology to enhance business performance, rapidly solve problems, create innovative solutions, achieve significant ROI, build organizational capability and managing change

  • Innovative and breakthrough sustainable problem solving
  • Leadership development
  • Development of high performing teams
  • Learning organization

Professional training in tourism, hospitality and education

  • Courses, seminars, workshops and or presentations on specific themes such as:
    • Global tendencies in the tourism industry
    • Strategic leadership/management
    • Crosscultural management
    • Internationalization
    • Corporate social responsibility
    • Etc...
  • Program, curriculum, course design & development
  • Online and distance or blended learning
  • Industry focused courses in English or French


  • Corporate social responsibility program evaluation and benchmarking
  • Destination assessments
  • Sustainable tourism and hospitality training
  • Sustainable development

International professional, academic and or organizational guidance

  • Internationalization in higher education
  • International partnerships
  • Course, program assessement/development
  • Knowledge Transfer Study Tours
  • Representation
  • Student recruitment, placement
  • University selection
  • Career management
  • Specialized business communication language courses (English/French)

About us

Our strengths and commitments...

International Strategy, Leadership, Management, Development and Sustainability

Global has significant international experiences in

  • strategic business and partnership development (public, private and nonprofit sectors),
  • communication/public relations,
  • planning,
  • project management,
  • market analysis,
  • knowledge and education management,
  • research and development,
  • talent recruitment (placement, training and retention),
  • international affairs,
  • sustainable destination and sustainable economic development.

From California to the Caribbean and from France to Brazil, Global has succeeded in inspiring, forming, and supporting leadership teams of academic, business, government, NGOs and community leaders to develop and implement strategies for sustainable and competitive economic growth. Global's internationally networked team of consultants includes experienced professionals from various sectors of the economy.

Global is committed to the principles, practices and implementation of sustainability.

Global works with such organizations as...

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