celebrating how we depend on others by showing up

Welcome to the Lyon School 2020 VIRTUAL Second Grade TASK Party. A TASK party is both an event and a work of art. Because this party had to be virtual, we've shared the celebration on this interactive website. As you explore the site, you will see and hear the message that we depend on each other by SHOWING UP. We can show up by bringing joy, playing and letting the world drift off, counting on each other, and staying with them. You can even participate by clicking the buttons to get your own TASK and then sharing using #LyonTASK. Visit our ABOUT page to learn more about how these thoughtful, creative, second graders designed this experience to share their message. Enjoy this virtual TASK Party 2nd Grade “Show”!


  • So we are not bored

  • To not be grumpy

  • So we laugh and smile


  • To not let our friends down

  • By relying on each other

  • Pinky promise, say "I trust you"


  • So all the nerves fall out of your body

  • So we have fun to new stuff that grows your brain

  • So we have fun to be interested


  • So we don’t feel like we are invisible

  • So we don’t feel left out

  • So we can have company

We are the Lyon Family!

SHOW UP composite image of drawings made by every second grader and their teachers
click the image to zoom in on the details

The TASK party idea was created by artist Oliver Herring. We were so inspired by how, during his TASK events, people had to depend on each other, bring joy, and play! Click the button below to see his work.

We also asked students what songs would help share their message. Listen to the SHOW UP Lyon School TASK Party playlist on Spotify to hear their suggestions.

Do you hear music that reminds you to count on each other? To play and let the world drift off? To stay with them? To bring joy?