to English 7 & 8 with

Mrs. Warren

Welcome Back!

Though it still doesn't look exactly like the "old days", we are so many steps closer to normal and that feels amazing! I can't wait to read, write, learn and grow with you all this year.

Email: cwarren@glenridge.org

2021 Updated Google Classroom Codes:

English 8

Block 2: imjjba4

Block 3: hgcuehp

Block 6: 4lfx5hr

Block 7: skgva5j

English 7, Block 5: sjmhege

English 8 Yearbook: 743hnis

Summer Assignments:

English 7: Read The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

Though you have no written assignment, we will begin the year with conversations about IDENTITY through the author's CHARACTERIZATION of the people in the novel. We will also discuss what it means to learn life lessons based on the events in the novel.

English 8: Read I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai with Christina Lamb

Though you have no formal written assignment, we will begin the year by discussing Malala's PURPOSE in writing her memoir as well as INFERENCING with regard to things she finds meaningful in her life.

A document with links for purchase, audio books, and further suggested reading can be found on your Ridger Nation page.

YEARBOOK STUDENTS: Snap away this summer! See you in September to build our a-MAZE-ing yearbook!