Room 11

Welcome to Room 11's Blog. Please have a look at what we have been doing throughout the year! Enjoy :)

Week 10 highlights

In the middle of this term we made learning maps of how we learn maths. In these maps it includes who helps us learn, where do we learn maths, what tools help us learn maths, what gets in the way of our learning, what helps we want more of in maths and what we want less of in maths.

Have a look at Brooke. M explaining her learning map. Our next step is to use our learning map to inform teaching and learning and seeing how we can make one change in our learning / teaching in maths.


Highlights of what is happening in Room 11

This term we have been learning how:

To introduce ourselves in Te Reo Maori

  • building positive relationships with our peers in room 11.
  • Maths as Inquiry - a new way of learning maths by sharing different strategies that we know and learning new strategies from our peers.
  • Inquiring about a chosen person who has inspired us in one way or another
  • Reading Biographies about people's lives
  • Learning how to catch, throw and bowl in cricket.
  • We have been learning how to write a biography with the correct structure and Language.

For more information on what we have been doing head to the corresponding page where you will see in detail what and how we have been learning.

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