Hour of Code

Welcome to Hour of code 2017

During the Hour of Code, students will learn what coding is and its application in everyday life. We will have a number of fun and exciting coding activities during this week. You can find your grade level's Hour of Code activities below. If you'd like additional resources and other coding activities please visit the More Coding Activities page.

5th and 6th Grade Hour of Code Activities

Click on the picture to start Java activity

We will be learning some basic Javascript in Khan Academy. We will do one activity together as a whole class, then you will have a chance to explore the some more Javascript activities on your own. Please start the Javascript activity below.

Click on the Start Button to begin.

7th and 8th grade Hour of Code Activities

7th and 8th graders, please download the Swift Playgrounds App from Self-Service. First, we will try one Swift coding lesson together as a class. Then, you will have time to explore and play with the other coding activities in the app. There are two Swift learning lessons and the rest are Swift challenges.

When you are finished, you can explore further coding activities by visiting the More Coding Activities page.