Thursday, April 25th

5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Central School

Please join us for this community event designed to inspire our Kindergarten through 8th grade students to innovate, create, and problem solve to design a better future.

NOT A BOX Design Challenge

NOT A BOX by Antoinette Portis captures the wonder of looking at the ordinary and seeing the extraordinary.

We invite all District 35 students to let their imaginations run wild by bringing their own box to design and transform. Just like the bunny in NOT A BOX, students will discover how the simplest of things can be the most inspiring.

Students are encouraged to design and engineer their own creation from a box during our event.

West School STEAM Fair

Students at West School will participate in the first annual West School STEAM Fair.

This voluntary, extra-curricular event will give West School students a chance to explore real-world environmental issues and innovate a solution.

STEAM Fair projects will be on display in the large gym during We Care for Our World.

Central School Service Club Project

Central School Service Club is creating birthday bags to donate to CPS families.

Join us in Young Auditorium as we support this innovative way to help families in need.

Glencoe Community Garden will be on site to share information on composting.

Click here to learn more about the Garden's Inaugural Compost Challenge.

Join us in our pledge to complete 150 Minutes of Service.

Sign our pledge to complete 150 minutes of service in celebration of Glencoe's Sesquicentennial.

Bring your latex paint to the We Care for Our World event!

GOT PAINT recycles all metal and plastic containers responsibly disposes of remaining LATEX paint waste, using natural biodegradable materials.

GOT PAINT will be on site at Central School to help you dispose of your latex paint responsibly.

$5.00 per gallon $2.00 per quart Click here to learn more.

Visit the SWANCC booth outside the large gym.

SWANCC provides programs, resources, presentations and workshops to educate about solid waste technologies and the benefits of waste reduction practices such as reduce, reuse, recycle and buy recycled.