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Mr. John R. Rook

Russian and Spanish Teacher

Smith Middle School

Class Activities and Assignments:

I use Google Classroom in my classes to post homework. Parents can use their child’s credentials to log in and see what your child has for homework. have also posted my class calendars publicly on this site for reference.

NOTE: Assignments vary from formal Google Assignments where students must submit a completed document OR paper copy that is passed out in class.

Extra Help in Russian and Spanish Languages:

I am available after school on Mondays for extra help in my classroom, 1101.

Students can also work with GHS tutors on Wednesdays in the FL Tutoring Club with Mrs. Kisluk.

gold seal with CT state emblem and red ribbon and white stars that reads "Connecticut Seal Biliteracy"

Seal of Biliteracy

The Connecticut State Seal of Biliteracy was established in 2017 to recognize public high school graduates who have attained a level of proficiency in English and one or more languages.

Proficiency is determined through scoring on one of several state approved assessment tools such as the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) or the Advanced Placement Exam. Students meeting the criteria for biliteracy receive a seal affixed to their diploma and to their high school transcript.

The marker is useful to both employers and to colleges and universities. It helps to identify students with verified multilingual skills.

Class of 2021 Seal of Biliteracy Data for GHS Graduates

Class of 2021 landscape.pdf


  • Please click on "Class Information" above for a drop down menu and then select one of the 3 classes that I teach here at Smith Middle School

(1) Spanish Grade 8 (Period 3 and 5)

(2) Russian Intro Grade 7 (Periods 1 and 2)

(3) Russian Intro Continuing Grade 8 (Period 7)

  • The class calendar for each of the classes listed above can be found under "Class Calendar" above where you will find a separate calendar for each period. Homework is updated on a daily basis, posted daily on the calendar for that specific class.

Humanitarian Aid Collection Drive - Donations for Ukrainian Relief

The GHS and SMS World Language Clubs, in collaboration with the Glastonbury PTSO, are sponsoring a donation drive for Ukrainian relief from March 14 - 25, 2022.

Please consider making a donation of needed items to support the people of Ukraine. Below you will find a document that details how you can donate items and/or funds for shipping costs for the packages that will be sent to Ukraine. In addition, there is a list of acceptable items to donate as well as other ways to help out.

Tables and boxes are set up outside GHS and Smith Middle School for donations during regular school hours.

Thank you in advance for help!

Ukraine Support Initiative.pdf

Ukraine Support Initiative.pdf